Do The Rich Need To Be Taxed More Than The Poor?

Asked by: alexcadell
  • Yes they should

    Many people say rich people work hard but what about celebrities? Such as Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj they can't sing and they get paid millions. How is that working hard? Jennifer Lopez is getting paid $17.5 to say yes or no on American Idol. How is that working hard? Gal Gadot is getting paid $300k to act a few MINUTES in the Batman Vs Superman movie. It will take me a couple of years to earn that money and all she have to do is show up act for a few minutes and she gets paid $300k. What about all the terrible actors getting paid millions? Normal people work their asses off , and these celebrities are barely doing anything. It's only fair that they should pay more tax.

  • Because earnings don't represent hard work accurately

    Most people who earn 1/10th what I do are working more than 1/10th as hard as I am. Similarly, I don't believe people earning 100 x what I earn are actually working 100 x harder than me, nor are they 100 x as important or valuable. Unfortunately money fails to value things such as voluntary work, at least at the moment. Meanwhile, many people are too poor to volunteer, and reducing their taxes would help them greatly, while helping address a mis-representative imbalance of reward in society.

  • Yes They Should

    The rich are paying a big majority of federal taxes, but there are so many poor that they pay most of taxes, and it may support the government, but all it does is keep the poor, poor; and the rich richer. There are more uses for money than for leisure.

  • Better than taxing poor.

    Go into the government's shoes: they need money. If they tax everyone, the people who do not have as much money will complain. The rich are rich because they have money, obviously; they can let a little bit of money go. Then everyone's happy: the government has money, the rich have their money, though not as much, and the not as wealthy still have money

  • Taxed more, but proportionally

    I believe that the rich should pay more... But at the same proportion as everybody else (e.G., 10% of income.) A flat tax would do wonders by not creating gaps in the socioeconomic ladder--that is, it would not de-incentivize a leap from one income bracket to another. But screw liberal nonsense.

  • Yes they should.

    The rich make more money than the poor and reap the benefits of our society in far more extravagant ways! The rich should pay more in taxes. When they refuse to by breaking the law, they should be tried in court and imprisoned - and the money the owe the government should be taken by force! I believe everyone should be given some leniency to correct what they have to, in a specified duration of time. But outright refusal should be punished to the extent that the law allows!

  • What's the point?

    The rich are rich for a reason; born into it, self-made or some other way. Taxing the rich is only going to bring them down to the level of the average joe or worse, the lazy man who refuses to work when he's more than competent. By making taxes higher for the rich, as I say, what's the point? Why should I want to get rich if all I'm gonna do is be punished for it? May as well sit home all damn day and let the government pay me!

  • Taxing Hard Work

    Just because someone is able to go ahead and be successful in the world, does not mean that they should be taxed because of it. A tax should be applied to all people, not just one class of people. It takes years to make a lot of money in the world. Being successful or knowing the ins and outs of a business, economic, or political world is not something to be punished be a tax. It is almost like saying, "Congratulations on your new earned money, now remember that favor I asked of you twenty years ago?" or "Remember that bet that you lost?" It just isn't civil.

  • Taxing the Rich more is like taxing success.

    By taxing the rich more you are taxing success. If someone has worked all of their life to become wealthy, it is not right to force them into paying more taxes in order to support lazy Americans who don't have the drive to become wealthy for themselves. WHERE IS THEIR PRIDE???

  • Why should they?

    Some people built their businesses from nothing, why should they have to pay extra while others live off of welfare checks because they are they are too lazy to get a job. Now I get that some people are handicapped or have some disability where they are physically unable to get a job, and yes they need some help, not necessarily form the government though. Everyone should pay the same tax, just. Because they are successful doesn't mean they should pay more taxes.

  • Unequal taxation is completely unacceptable because of the rights defined by the declaration of independence.

    The declaration of independence guarantees equal opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to every person. This means they should have equal opportunity to live as they please, and similarly only receive the same restrictions and obstacles in their quest for this goal. How is it fair to tax some people more than others because they were smart and (for lack of a better phrase) took advantage of our capitalist economy? Every person, rich or poor, has the same opportunity to achieve success in the capitalist economy, so why should rich have more obstacles to keep the riches that they made? It isn't fair that the person who makes 300,000 dollars a year gets taxed almost 150,000 dollars from both state and federal, while the person who makes 50000 dollars is only taxed a total of 13000. Half is not equal to about a quarter.

  • This is a band-aid fix, not a solution. The question is, why is it so popular?

    I don't think this is the right move. It's an easy move, and it's easy to see why it appeals to a lot of people. However, naturally, if the rich deserved to be rich, they should keep their money. I think we can all agree to that. So why do so many people think they should pay extra? I would hypothesize that it is because people feel that somehow the rich have been assisted in their ascension by the system. It's not necessarily their fault (though sometimes the exploitation IS blatant), but they should essentially pay for the system's help, and the benefits it confers once wealth is obtained.

    The trouble with taxing the rich is then obvious. It's not addressing the real culprit: the discrepancies in the system. In order to fix the system, we should devise an ideal model that incentivizes the appropriate economic behaviors and otherwise treats everyone fairly and equally, then apply only the changes which bring our current model closer to the ideal.

    Taxation of the rich fails to incentivize productivity and personal responsibility and also fails to treat everyone equally. Therefore, it's not a good solution.

    One interesting change I might propose for discussion is, upon a persons's death, absorbing all acquired properties and wealth of the deceased into the state funds for re-appropriation. This solves the perceived unfairness of the rich being "born into" wealth. It evens the playing field a little more between rich children and poor children. It provides the government with more liquid assets to solve problems. Naturally it would need fine tuning, but I think it's a very interesting proposal that addresses several major roadblocks. Thoughts?

  • No freaking way

    I believe that if you were taxed more based on your income tax then you will have less of a chance to get out of poverty. Also if you had that extra money, you would be able to put that money back into the economy and the economy would do better and might actually get out of debt.

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frankienstien says2014-01-30T02:03:30.417
Taxing the rich removes opportunity for the working poor... Tax the rich to much and you will live like they do in North Korea.
Jifpop09 says2014-01-30T03:23:23.047
Yes,but I don't feel like voting. With people in our own country starving in seems immoral not to spread the wealth. Plus I hate those rich and snobby people who horde there wealth.
Juan_Pablo says2014-01-30T04:24:39.143
So the rich are successful - congratulations! But that doesn't mean I have to like them as individuals or I can't feel jealous for being unsuccessful. Quite frankly, jealousy is unavoidable. I'm frequently get jealous when I come across someone who's smarter than me and more attractive too! I have found NO WAY to turn off these feelings.

Even though the rich are successful, that doesn't mean they should be permitted to break the law however they like. If they have that right so do I!!!
Juan_Pablo says2014-01-30T04:26:03.697
I think society should reward people that FOLLOW THE LAW and MAKE THE WORLD HAPPIER FOR EVERYONE!!!
Juan_Pablo says2014-01-30T05:10:22.020
Some people are successful. Some people are jealous. Everyone needs to accept this and deal with it.
Juan_Pablo says2014-01-30T05:18:27.040
If you need this as a nice, cute quote here it is:

"Some people are successful. Some people are jealous. Everyone needs to accept this unavoidable dichotomy in our culture."
Jifpop09 says2014-01-30T23:40:04.757
Why did you post 4 comments over something sarcastic?
Juan_Pablo says2014-01-31T02:42:39.003
Jifpop09, sorry about these posts. I'm trying to get over a personal issue at the moment that is making me bitter and angry. Yes, I understand those statements are heated but they do reflect something genuine. However, I believe successful people should keep the overwhelming bulk of their money! :))
Juan_Pablo says2014-01-31T02:44:37.673
If it makes you feel better, I do believe those that work and study hard in life should be rewarded well. But that doesn't mean they should be permitted to break tax law! No one is permitted (with very few exceptions) to not to pay taxes when they make an income.