• Human rights go to the Roma.

    The Roma receive universal human rights in Europe. But the Roma do not live a life that socially established Europeans agree with. So many often resent the Roma for being drifters and using social services up rather than working an contributing to the rest of society and their families on their own.

  • The Roma receive universal human rights.

    The Roma (gypsies) receive above and beyond universal human rights within the European Union today. In addition to the rights of all citizens, there are a plethora of various European programs and agencies dedicated solely to providing for and assisting Roma. Thus they certainly have basic human rights in Europe.

  • The EU is trying to help.

    Yes, the Roma receive universal human rights in Europe, because they are trying to help the Roma in any way that they can. It is not that the EU does not care about the Roma situation, it is that they do not know what the best course of action is. But they are not being ignored by any means. Hungary and Italy also want to address the problem directly.

  • Yes they do

    Yes, no one in Europe is trying to keep the Roma people held down or discriminated against. They have the same rights that everyone else in Europe share, and nothing bad is happening to them. They can go and do as they please just like everyone else who lives there.

  • No, the Roma receive very few rights in Europe.

    The Roma have been looked down upon and discriminated against for many generations. They have few if any human rights anywhere in Europe. Referred to as "Gypsies", the Roma are forced to endure discrimination in housing, jobs, schools and health care. There are few areas in Europe that willingly accept them and intentionally make it difficult for them to exist. Wherever they go, they are treated as a "sub-class".

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