• Anti-immigrant tendencies can become violent and out of control

    In most of their founding statements, these organizations speak to the honor and heritage of their past and advocate for some sort of past pride and glory. However, many of them become coated with dark, racist undertones and grow their organizations through the chastising of other races and nationalities through sentiments of fear and paranoia. They become tempting to fearful members of the public because they offer seemingly simple explanations for an irrational world.

  • They are challenging the Finnish government and their ability to control immagration.

    The Soldiers of Odin are posing a threat to the Finnish government because they are attempting to do the government's job for them. Alongside that, they seem to be doing more harm than good towards the safety and security of the Finnish people. They are making the Finnish people look like racists who don't want anyone else besides their own native people on their lands. That puts out a horrible image for Finland, and I believe that is going to harm their government heavily.

  • The Soldiers of Odin are a Conspiracy

    The Soldiers of Odin should be banned from participating in politics in Finland. They are a right-wing abomination and should not halt the flow of immigrants into Finland. The nativisim that currently exists in Finland is a disgrace to Western democracies and the idea of freedom in the world as a whole.

  • I absolutely agree that they do pose a threat

    I feel that the "Soldiers of Odin" pose a threat to the Finnish government, in the sens that their actions and rhetoric only serve to further exacerbate the already tense atmosphere caused by the current migrant crisis. Also, it only undermines the position of the government which is supposed to officially represent all of the Finnish citizenry, as opposed to the objectives and concerns of a hateful few.

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