Do the St. Louis Blues have a shot at winning the 2013 Stanley Cup?

  • Yes, they deserve another shot!

    The Blues last year had a great run through the playoffs, and at least didn't blow their chances in the first round. The Blues this year, though, have better defense and the goal tending continues to win the games, so I think we have a chance just as much as the other teams. We may not be the best team in our conference, but that doesn't mean that we won't make it to the finals. Hopefully, we do win the Cup, but this year, the Stanley Cup could belong to anyone. We just have to reach forward and take it.

  • Yes, they're a great team.

    I think it is fair to say that the St. Louis Blues do indeed have a very good chance of winning themselves the 2013 Stanley Cup. They are doing a lot of things right this season and have the talent needed to go far in the postseason, I would say.

  • They Have A Shot

    The St. Louis Blues definitely have a shot at winning the Stanley Cup In 2013. They are a solid team and have the players to do it. It is a shortened season because of the lockout, so all a team has to do is get hot at the right time and the Blues can do that.

  • Yes, so do all the other teams!

    The reality is that each team in the running has a chance at it as any other. The only unknown factor here really boils down to “Who actually will?” If you read the articles and the betting papers, everyone is saying the New York Rangers will win. How does anyone know? Sure we could look at past statistics and say, this team is stronger, smarter, has more endurance and so on. The bottom line however is who will get the most pucks in? Hockey is a game after all and many unknown factors stand between to competitors and the Stanley Cup. About the only thing certain in regards to the Stanley Cup is you better get your tickets now because it will be a good game.

  • Yes, as much as anyone else

    I think at this point, just about any team has a chance to win the 2013 Stanley Cup. Each team needs to step up their game, though, as the competition is very tough this season. However, the St. Louis Blues is playing very well this season and could pull this one out in the end. What more is there to say?

  • No, could not win in the 90s

    Never have, even when they had some of the best players in NHL history, in the 90s. They never will, same question--Will the Cubs ever win? Never have, never will, sad but true. We had Hull, Oates, Shanahan, Curtis Joseph and so many other great players at one time and still could not win a cup. We sure in the hell aint gonna win it this year, think about it.

  • They do not.

    I must admit that I am answering this question as a bit of a biased person, because I think that the best team out there is the New Jersey Devils. Because of this, I say that the St. Louis Blues really do not have much of a chance of winning it.

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