Do the star signs really make a difference to your personality and stuff you like /dislike?

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  • Go and see for yourself

    They give the most vague descriptions.
    You are a funny person or you are serious.
    Then the future is vague.
    You will have something bad or something good will happen.
    Chances are that those might be true when you look into it it just comes to chance.

    Your brother is mad because he is a jerk. Changing the date does not change it.
    Even twins become different people. The might marry similar people and behave similarly but they change over time because of the choice.
    One twin might go to jail while the other has a good life.

  • It is superstition

    Why does superstitions exists today in a high-tech, Scientific world like this? Honestly it is proven that time travel is possible. And if you managed to travel to a time period 1 month after when you are supposed to be, You changed star signs as that your birth date changed but your real age didn't. Thus it may be inaccurate when you step out.

  • Zodiac signs are fake

    Zodiac signs are for white girls who have no personality and stupid people. Mostly zodiac signs will say the most basic things that any person would have. Examples have been "has a family member died in the last 10 years" chances are there has been a death and these retards will see it and believe in these myths and base there whole life on them

  • Most the time mine doesn't match me in anyway

    Zodiac signs are a fun thing to do I always enjoy finding out things about
    My zodiac sign but I don't know if they are true or not.
    My zodiac sign never match's my own personality and doesn't say anything about me
    But I do really like the idea of having a sign and I find it entertaining

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