Do theism and atheism have an equal chance of being true?

Asked by: SitaraPorDios
  • Actuality is not determined by proof, but by a fact that need not be supported.

    If I dropped a coin then I could use simple deductive reasoning based on science to predict it will hit the ground. But I do not know that. Anything could happen. It could just hover. It could disappear. It could grow legs and walk away. We can use facts to predict what will happen, but that has not effect on what actually happens.

  • But of course.

    Essentially. Considering both have basically the same amount of evidence (or lack thereof, if that's how you want to look at it), there's about the same amount of potential for each. People make too much of a deal over it- I mean, aren't we all really just agnostics at heart?

  • No they can't.

    Atheism has lots of scientific proof behind it. Theism doesn't. It has the bible and other creationistic papers. Is that science? No it isn't. Science has been extremly beneficial to society so far and proven to be very accuret. What has religion done? Nothing besides cause war and ruin the govornment and society. I dont know why this is a question if atheism has been proven already.

  • Atheists haven't disproven the possibility of gods existence

    I have watched lots of debates and atheists have no plausible reason for asserting god does not exist. All they can say is we don't know if there is beyond nature and space and time.
    They think theists say we are certain there is a god and whoever thinks that 100 percent there is a god must be a fool, all one can do is weigh the arguments and evidence and decide which is the more plausible world view.
    I say there is much more to theism and the arguments such as fine tuning argument, contingency argument, argument from the beginning of cosmos and moral argument have not been dealt with properly by atheists

  • No they do not.

    Because the chance something is right or wrong should be based on observations and scientific knowledge (reasearch). The chance that there is a god is considerable smaller than the chance that there is no god. It is way more probable that the concept of "god" is invented by men in the bronze age, while atheism is not a real belief system, but it is the state of our perspective in our universe, where we cannot detect (in any way) any form of supernatural being/s like gods, spirits, or other things that are believed by religious people.

  • It's one or the other

    I think it's safe to say that when we die or if Jesus comes again will be the definitive answer. Fair to say, everyone has there facts and they're fairly equal. However, in the end, it's going to be judgement or stuck in the ground. There is no chance here.

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