Do think cell phones have changed us socially? If so, how and is it a positive change, a negative change or both?

Asked by: me2454
  • They have changed us so much

    But I would say that this is mostly in a negative way.

    People are not developing their creativity or thinking skills because they no longer have the chance to be bored. Through boredom people think, create and start hobbies. Instead if they have even a minute where they have nothing to do they just grab the cell phone.

    People become more anti social, when cell phones first came out people would not answer them at innapropriate times. Now they will be in the middle of a conversation and the cell will ring and they will just cut you off and talk on the phone.

    People are losing their ability to communicate face to face.

  • Cell phones have changed us socially in both positive and negative ways

    Cell phones have made life easier for immediate help and contact with people, places and finding things and they keep us entertained but we are so distracted by them that so many of us walk around like robots because we are constantly on our phones. We would rather be on our phones than engaging in the activities and people around us. Cell phones are very distrating, I believe the change is both negative is possible but the negative kind of out ways the positive.

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