Do think it was a good idea for MTV to make a "SCREAM" TV show?

Asked by: KelleyC
  • I am lesbien !

    I am lesbien ! I love you tomorrow too . I am an actor / model I have played a role in the world . However did we forget that a president was assassinated while being driven in a vehicle ? Albeit the Secret Service has no doubt learned from

  • A bad idea

    This is a horrible idea for many reasons. ONe, spinoffs are always flops in the world of Hollywood. Two, a spinoff put on by MTV? It is bound to be a flop already just by the sound of it. Three, recreate movies not movies into tv shows people!! God Bless!

  • Not a good idea..

    As a fan of the original movie 'SCREAM' I think that this show is going to be a flop. I feel that this is just an easy attempt for MTV to try and get higher ratings by having the show named as 'Scream' but in reality its just going to be similar to the rest of their shows.

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