Do to many people make debates personal and with uneducated comments/arguments?

Asked by: americanmade23
  • Everyone has a right to debate.

    For many people who debate, it is for personal/emotional reasons. That does not mean that their points are not any less valid then a debater who has actual facts. That is the purpose of debate anyway. To share your opinion. By saying that a person with an "uneducated" argument is not allowed to be considered a debater, your are destroying the purpose of debate. However, I do still respect those who have valid factual reasons, it is unjust to take away the right for a person to debate. For example, if a person verbally bullied you, but you have no proof, that does not mean you do not have the right to speak your side of the story. Everyone should be given the right to debate, no matter the reason.

  • There is a fine line.

    Debates can have several motivating factors to them. For most people thats where feelings come in, however you don't need to agree on something to debate in favor of it. I often find myself flipping my side of the argument around simply because its more fun. But not everyone will do that, for a lot of people debate/argue as a way of standing up for what they believe in.

    When you get emotional you do get thrown into a lot of tough situations though. Often from your own action- you get excited and say something you shouldn't have and then end up backing something you said on accident because you cant stand to admit you are wrong.

    As long as you can keep you emotions in check and use them to push yourself that great- but as the statement stands I do agree that too many people get overly emotional and it often backlashes.

  • Debates aren't supposed to be personal and uneducated

    With many debates they are started out of emotion which automatically makes the debate personal. Then you have the people who insist on not giving anything but uneducated arguments and never even consider what their opponent has said. So, with this site there are many personal and uneducated debates going on

  • Yes. It can get personal or emotional

    Yes, but I think a clear definition of "debate" must be determine because people think of debate as simply just stating an opinion. But a debate is more than that. It needs to be well-researched, with each rebuttal substantiated with credible resources. If one is just stating any opinion, then it should not be called a "debate", but perhaps call it a "conversation".

    Another reason why it can get personal or emotional is when one doesn't listen to the other side's argument and get angry because the other party is not in agreement. It often has to do with the human need to win, rather than having a civilised discussion.

    At the end of the day, it needs to be agreed that both parties can agree to disagree.

  • Emotion/personal reasons are the only reason people would debate if they are educated

    A lot of people who are involved in debates will just argue matters that they have no idea about or have an emotional or personal reason for debating but most debates inspire such emotional responses because if there is irrefutable evidence for something then people do not need to debate it unless they are uneducated in the matter. The only exception to all of this is religion, where there is evidence against it yet people still argue for it.

  • That's what a debate is

    If something is debatable, that means that it is possible to go to either moral or ethical side. It's no surprise that such debates have emotional and personal tones. While sometimes people go too far and make things totally biased, the general populace of this site does a good job of keeping these feeling within a reasonable volume. A little bit of emotional taste keeps these things interesting.

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