• Yes I think athletes can be good role models.

    Most people look up to someone and see how good they are at something. They want to do the same. I look up to the people that are positive athletes. A good role model is someone who is responsible, Devotes their time and energy, And someone who shares their inspiration and hope.

  • Yes they do make good athletes because

    Even though there are some bad role models doesn't mean they all are.Some athletes display a lot of good quality's like sportsmanship or a good attitude and etc. So dont judge one athlete and then think the rest are all bad people so think about judging all athletes bye only looking at one of them when you should really look at all of them first

  • Yas they should totes be

    Well like cuz they like the totes good at them sports. So they should be like the really good role the models.Like the duh.So like the ya to the yassss so we should the totes make them the good role models so like the yas to the yassssss to the ya

  • Yes, I agree that athletes make good role models

    Athletes are social icons of sort. In essence they are role models for those of us inspired to follow or exceed the athletes achievements. All a matter of personal perspective or perception. A good role model for one aspiring soul may not be for the other. Some of us need multiple role models allowing us to utilize athletes as one facet of our "good role model "inspiration.

  • Not just athletes

    All sports people the worst role models, they will do anything to get their egos boosted. They moan about getting tested for enhancing performance drugs, if you don't like being tested so often just STOP WINNING!!!! The majority cheat anyway and it comes natural to them cos they know nowt else.

  • Athletes shouldn't be a role model for kids.

    Athletes are liars, cheaters, thugs, murderers, criminals, fools. And American kids are worshipping these false heroes. It's sad that we pay these athletes 100x more than the people in the military, teachers, police, firefighters; that income inequality shows where our priorities are. Instead, the role models for kids (look at kids in China, India) should be the teachers, scientists, soldiers, astronauts. NOT athletes. And when they've grown up, they'll work in professions that help to better the world, NOT spending most of their lives playing pointless childish sports. No wonder China and India are zooming past the USA because of their ambitious younger generations.

  • On a whole, they do not

    Most athletes nowadays are only models for tempers, profanity and violence. Yes, they publicly support charities, which is great for kids to see, however, many have simultaneously been involved in domestic violence/abuse cases, drug or alcohol arrests, fights for their ego, have exhibited bad sportsmanship when their team does not win and/or have an unstable personal life. There are a large number of exceptions to this role: Stephen Curry seems like a nice fellow, Karl-Anthony Towns who was drafted first this year also seems like a wonderful individual and an extremely positive role model. As a whole, however, I believe that we should look to a different profession to act as role models for our society.

  • Sadly, they do not.

    Athletes used to be idolized and held up as excellent role models for youngsters. Every boy had a picture of his favorite athlete and wanted to be just like him. Sadly, athletes are no longer the fine, upstanding role models they used to be. Every day it seems like there's another athlete in the news for drugs, bar fights, even murder. No, I don't think athletes are good role models anymore.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe today's athletes make good role models. With the media butting into every aspect of their life all of the good and all of the bad makes it out to the public. I think this invasiveness is partially to blame. People are not perfect and they make mistakes.

  • Athletes are not good role models.

    Athletes today do not make good role models for children. This is because their success is based upon extreme measures in sport and also competition. But most of all, the ego displayed by a lot of athletes makes them terrible role models for generations of kids that need to learn how to respect themselves and others.

  • No, athletes today do not make good role models.

    I do not think that athletes make good role models today. I think that a lot of them set a bad example for a lot of the youth of today. There is too much of an emphasis sometimes on how much these athletes make. And a lot of them also exhibit bad sportsmanships during games.

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