Do too many Americans rely on government handouts?

  • Government to blame

    The Government has made it more profitable for people to sit home and collect welfare than work. When interviewed, many of these welfare people who dropped out of high school think if a job doesn't offer them $25 hour, why work. They even get a free cell phone. They get doctors to say their child has psychological problems so they can get an extra check. Welfare makes people weak and dependent. Financial assistance for child care is appropriate as is community service. We don't have the social workers to separate the lazy from those that truly need assistance but something needs to be done. Suggestion, if you can't pay for a child, don't have one and fathers need to be fathers.

  • Stop asking for handouts to fix things

    Identity politics buy into this concept of helping people out with ideas of fairness and equality, but equal people have no reason to excel. Providing equality or what you call equality to minorities or marginalities (or whatever you want to call those that welfare programs target) makes a demographic dependant on the government which is against anything and everything american. It also drags down a huge portion of the middle class in order to pay for the benefits to those that have given up contributing to the American economy, in part because they are told they are entitled to fairness, and in part because they are given handouts that they could not afford with a basic level job. Give people opportunities to better themselves on their own power. Stop blaming the world when you are uncomfortable. Foster an environment of upward mobility, not based on handouts, but on merits and hard work.

  • People are lazy

    People are generally lazy, if you give a man something to eat he will simply sit down and eat and maybe even ask for drink. But if you leave the man alone and he gets hungry he will get his ass up and go find a way to get some food like idk a job.

  • My rotten neighbor

    The guy buys guns with his handouts and doesn't work a job. He threatens the neighbors and the government pays his mother to house him in the corner of the property closest to my house. Try living next to a schizophrenic drug addict gunslinger who doesnt pull his own weight.

  • Way too many...

    It seems like most of the "entitlement crowd" also vote based on who think they will "tax the rich" the most with the mindset that by taxing the rich more they'll somehow be given more freebies somewhere. If you want something, work for it. If you're not physically or mentally disabled there's no reason to be relying on the government to be paying for your living expenses. Someone who has finally achieved a higher than average earning should not have to be taxed a lot more just to support someone else who is too lazy to achieve the same.

  • Time to stop

    Free housing (with boyfriends also living free), free cell phones, free food, free money, free health insurance. ...??? How is this an incentive to work. ..How is this fair to those who do work and struggle to pay all these things themselves...When we r born it is our parents responsibilty to provide for us.When we are grown it is our own responsability.When did this become the government's right to make working class people to take care of everybody and who takes care of us??? Not fair..

  • "Safety net" gone out of control designer mattress!

    What was originally designed to be a temporary stop-gap measure quickly became a permanent program people rely on. It was considered a "safety net" for those who fall through the cracks, or who come on hard times. Now we have generations of "welfare babies", and the programs are so comprehensive, overlapping, and generous that there is no motivation for anyone on them to get off of them. That safety net of food assistance (where they gave you coupons which could only be exchanged for food) has morphed into a nice, cushy posturepedic mattress where you are handed an EBT Card (assuming you spend the $$$ on groceries), section 8 housing (twice the apartment I can afford for half the cost), MEDICARE, an OBAMAphone, and a free education. All of which combined costs the taxpayer an average of over $2500/month. I can't count the many times I've seen overweight people pull out EBT cards at Walmart to pay for T-Bone steaks, lobsters, and other expensive foods when I can barely afford the generic items I have in my cart.

    The problem isn't so much the assistance, nor it it so much the people who use it (because let's be honest the average person who has to use it is not abusing it), the problem is because of how much the assistance has ballooned into it's almost impossible for someone to get off of them. Once you do get a job, you will quickly be making too much money to get any assistance, and you can find yourself worse off than when you were on it...Which will lead you back to getting on it., and the cycle resumes.

    Lastly, while a humanitarian thing to do, welfare programs are not guaranteed by the Constitution, yet they are considered "Required" spending by the GAO. Conversely, the military is a required asset to be established and funded by Congress yet it is considered part of "Discretionary" spending.

    All I can say is, huh?

  • No incentive to get back on independent feet

    The government programs do not promote eventual independence. Individuals can continue to receive handouts for an indefinite amount of time, with absolutely no incentive to get themselves back on their feet, get a job, and support themselves. They use government money to fund their health care, pay for their food and children, and get free cell phones - yet they still walk around jobless smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, carrying designer handbags and wearing expensive footwear (I see it all the time in health care).

  • Too many self entitled lazy people.

    Legit cases as usual are never the problem when it comes to gov assist. Its the worhless slugs that bother me. I always hear on a daily basis from fat lazy inconsiderate medicaid slugs, how outraged they are at the cost of their acne medications or their anti drug abuse meds or obscene amounts of narcotics. What they don't realize is that while they were getting tatoos, new phones, booze, piercings, new cars, new clothes and so on is that their $3 copay is nothing compared to the $600-$1000 that our tax money pays for. That we working joes pay for. And for what? So some smug entitled jerk can demand everything without even a thank you? No way.

  • Rhode Island handouts

    I work for Electric Boat in Rhode Island and we've been hiring for the last 2 years and plan on hiring another 2000 people within the next 3 years. With Rhode Island having the highest unemployment rate in the country you would think it would be easy to find people to fill these jobs. But believe it or not we have a hard time finding people to work and have to go out of state to fill the jobs. I wonder how fast these unemployed Rhode Islanders would apply if they knew their free government handouts were going to be cut.

  • Handouts vs. Subsidies

    The federal government provided about $381 billion in contracts to private companies between 2010 and 2012, and is expected to award another $127 billion worth in fiscal year 2013, bringing the total to $508 billion (half trillion bucks) over four years. But the Repubs don't see that as a handout.

    All right, how about the billions the business community receives in government loans and grants each year? (Not a handout, say the Repubs, because government has a "responsibility" to our vaunted free enterprise system.)

    Well, what do you call the trillions-of-dollars the business community is allowed to deduct from its income taxes for every conceivable expense known to man -- from paying their employees down to cutting the grass and buying paper for the copying machine? (Not a handout, say the Repubs. The cost of doing business should be subsidized by taxpayers.)

    For heaven sakes! Surely, the $700-billion “bailout” of Wall Street’s 2007-2008 self-imposed disaster could be classified a handout. Indeed, when all the loose ends and repercussions are added, it actually turns out that the U.S. Had lent, spent or guaranteed as much as $12.8 trillion as a result of that fiasco. If that isn't a handout, then what is? (Tut-tut, say the Repubs. It’s government’s responsibility to rescue the economy, regardless of who caused it. Thus a “handout” it was not. But food stamps? Health care for the poor? Social Security for the elderly? Oh, hell and tarnation! You’re damn tootin’ those are handouts -- pure and simple. And something must be done to stop them.)

  • No, not given the current economic conditions in the United States

    The economy is still in bad shape. Even when it was in relatively good shape (depending on how you measure it, and who's doing the measuring) there are still quite a lot of people in the United States that fall below the poverty line. Many of these people are working two or more jobs to try and make ends meet. Unfortunately for them the companies they work for pay minimum wage (which is to say they would be paid less if it were legal). Since the government is unable or unwilling to establish regulations that ensure that all working Americans are paid a living wage for their work, the responsibility of providing the poorest among us with basic health and human services falls to the American taxpayer. Many Americans resent this, especially those who cannot begin to imagine the circumstances in which many of the poor find themselves in.

  • No, people need it

    Very few people use government aid because they want to. It is largely stigmatized in most communities. While there will always be some people who do exploit these programs, most use it because they have no other options. Aid programs are very minimal and provide for only the most basic needs. People would not choose to live that way if they had another choice.

  • No, people on assistance rarely have another option.

    Most people on assistance wish they didn't have to be. They'd rather work for what they need and are getting, than have to rely on the government for their basic needs. Of course there are always people who abuse the system, and make a career out of assistance, but they are the exception, not the rule.

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Froggy says2013-10-09T14:04:32.317
Being A EMT in mylocal town -------------You cannot believe how many calls where we go to that the people are on public assistance ---BUTTTTTTTTT they have nice cars -- cars that I cant afford -------------- guess you can afford them when the govt pays for your housing and you get welfare and food stamps