• Yes, they are spoiled with opportunites.

    Being a top student myself, I feel I am at a greater advantage with all the opportunities of honors and bonus rewards for my good grades. This is ridiculous. Everyone should have the same opportunities, but the honors students receive way too many bonuses and half the time completely waste them.

  • Top students deserve recognition

    Top students should be recognized more often when they do well. In today's society, many kids do not strive for excellence and the education system does not do enough for the students that excel. Many teachers in public schools just do enough to get a paycheck and they do not teach towards excellence.

  • Yes: Top Students Receive Enough Attention

    The reason these students are at the top of the class is because they either have a good connection with their teachers, or because they are internally driven. What these students are learning, however, is to become functional instruments of a system that is destroying the planet and disrupting our way of life. What they need is not more or less attention, but instruction that will bring them into greater harmony with the planet and their fellow man.

  • No, not in a normal public school.

    In the regular class rooms of the public schools, especially in urban areas of the United States, it is the underachieving and the disadvantaged who are given the most attention in terms of scholarship and guidance. The others seem to need so much that most of the money available goes to them.

  • top students receive...

    If we want to know 'How students Learn", it is perhaps good to begin at the beginning, with a definition of learning -- something that psychologists have been studying since the late 19th century, when Pavlov rang his first bell and Thorndike put his first cat in a puzzle box. While under the yoke of Watsonian and Skinnerian behaviorism, psychologists defined learning as "a relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience".

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