Do Tories have anything to gain deliberating on television?

  • TV debates help.

    I believe that Tories obviously do have something to gain by deliberating while on the television. If there was nothing to gain, they wouldn't do it--right? Any publicity is good publicity, especially for Tories. By getting on TV they get their message out to the broadest amount of people as possible.

  • It's getting the message out there.

    There seems to always be some controversy around the Tories, but I think that the television deliberation is at least getting their point of view our there for people to see. It might be upsetting some people, but at least the message is out there. Canadians are able to see their side and decide for themselves.

  • Yes, more people will hear their platform.

    Yes, the Tories do have things to gain by deliberating on television, because more people will see their point of view. Marketing their opinion is just as important as having a strong platform to begin with. Deliberating on television gives people a chance to participate in the process and understand where the Tories are coming from.

  • No, Tories do not have anything to gain deliberating on television.

    Tories deliberating on television will not provide any substantial gain. It will make the people angry to watch the arguments and nothing being solved. Television will also cause people to pick sides and be less likely to settle on the issues. This would be better handled behind closed doors and without the media.

  • Tories do not have anything to gain by deliberating on television.

    Tories do not have anything to gain by deliberating on television. They are a political group and hoping to come back in the United Kingdom. I do not think anything that is mentioned by debating on television will have an impact on their decision. I think it is just another group trying to get their message across using media.

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