• Yes, most of the time

    I believe that tv shows like pop girl and kix provide kids with negative ideas, it makes the kids distracted from educations and makes children do stuff which are not suitable at this age, I believe that most of the programmes have a bad impact on them, but some don't

  • Some do, and some don't.

    While some do, and some don't, guess which programs are popular with children? Hint: It's not the educational ones. Trash like Duck Dynasty and Vampire Diaries are some of the most popular shows in America right now. It's a wonder kids can learn anything with that kind of stuff clogging up TVs.

  • Yes - they detract from more valuable learning opportunities

    TV programs are the lazy person's way of learning or teaching their children to learn. There is simply not enough valuable content on television that can replace the effectiveness of traditional methods like books, or simply spending time with your kids and talking to them about life lessons. Television should be reserved for entertainment, not scholastic purposes.

  • For the most part, yes

    There are some great programs available that encourage and promote learning. Most programs however do not and instead offer nothing of educational value for children or adults. Even wholesome family entertainment shows that come on at prime time offer things that most families would prefer their kids not see. So yes I really do think tv programs degrade the quality of learning.

    Posted by: jus
  • Mostly.

    Most TV is not particularly well-suited for learning. This is because it's not designed to educate; it's designed to entertain. The entire structure of commercial television is based on ratings and entertaining people, not educating people, and people spend a long time watching these programs. If you watch nothing but educational shows on PBS or something, then TV probably won't degrade your quality of learning, but, in general, it does.

  • Most of the time, no

    It's good to let your kids have some hands-on experience to learn, but I know first-hand that shows like Elmo touch kids into the world. My friend's daughter is 4, and she's very smart. However, most of the time I'm there she's watching Elmo or Dora.

  • No, unless they are abused.

    They may have no educational value, but generally they do not degrade the quality of learning. On the contrary, they can be an extremely useful learning tool. They are, in fact, the most important medium through which people learn about their rights, current affairs, technology etc. However, they can, like everything else, be detrimental if they are used without careful judgement.

  • No, depending on the program.

    Some have no effect on the quality of learning, such as dramas and action programs, although shows like Jersey Shore are questionable as to what purpose they serve. However, shows on channels such as the History Channel or Discovery Channel provide an interesting way of learning that may make some topics more interesting to students and cause them to learn something they may otherwise have no interest in. Even some dramas currently on television allude to stories in history that may cause students to take interest and do outside research on those topics.

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