• Jesus f'ing christ

    The evidence is right in front of you, A vaccine for a virus would take at least 5 - 10 years to make, And you people who disagree with me don't have any specific evidence. . . People have been censored for speaking out against the government, And the government just says that if people watched this, Then they would be "Physically Harmed". If that were true, Then videos of people who break onto bridges and tower would be taken down, And yet their not. Again, A vaccine that takes this short of time to make would have flaws, And so far that has been trues, But people just assume that's part of the process, Which just goes to show how much the government has controlled our lives. And how can we be selfish, All we want is a safe and healthy life for our children to live in, And we base this opinion off of videos and speeches that have been unfortunately taken down by big tech companies and governments. I will be dead before i get a vaccine for this virus that has unreliable testing. Most of you should look at the facts and think.

  • It's real but not a problem

    Look at CDC data, Like 99. 9 people under the age of 65 who get Covid survive. And according to CDC data again 94 percent of people who died of Covid died of pre-existing conditions. Besides most tests for Covid is false positives, People can test positive and then test negative right after, Dogs and even rocks have been proven positive for Covid, Thus creating exagaratted numbers in Covid cases, And Covid deaths are not actually deaths from Covid but deaths from something else(as proven by CDC data I mentioned earlier) so deaths and cases have been wildly exaggerated. The truth is if the MSM didn't talk about Covid, 2020 would be a normal year and no one extra would have died

  • Fake like You

    Hey Faggots, Covid 19 is fake.
    My name is John, And I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, Retarded, No-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, Have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, But you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.
    Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, And starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, Other than "jack off to naked drawn Japanese people"? I also get straight A's, And have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

  • Yes it's a hoax

    Not as in covid 19 doesn't exist but as in it's made to be way worse then it actually is. If you look at the numbers way more people have died from swine flu as well as other flu's. Another thing is there over projecting the numbers, There's account's of doctor's saying that they are required to count people who don't die of Covid as dying of covid because they get compensation for those deaths.

  • Yes i think that covid 19 is a hoax

    Remember the early days of march when it was just began to spread. Compare the precautions that was taken by doctor then and now. They were using bio suits as a precaution and now when the cases were on the peak (according to the government) no safety measures were taken now days as compare to the early days of spreading.

  • Covid is real but we have been manipulated

    Covid exists but the number of deaths and cases has been significantly manipulated because of the super unreliable PCR test and not to mention labelling those that died WITH Covid as dying OF Covid. It has also been used as a tool to justify authoritarian government intervention(which will mostly remain after covid) because all we need to beat Covid is herd immunity so we should remain free to do what we want instead of cooped up inside which just prolongs the virus. The vaccine is not our saviour as they have been proven to be widely ineffective with possible side effects. This is not going to go away anytime soon so we just need to be free and eventually the virus will pass through the populace with minimal damage.

  • The conspiracy theories are a hoax, Not the virus.

    Coronavirus is obviously not a hoax, It exists and is killing off many people. Just because we may be counting the cases incorrectly doesn’t refute the claim that coronavirus exists, You can’t say just because we are not counting the cases correctly that this virus didn’t exist. And also, Yes some cases that aren’t Covid are counted as Covid, But then there are also cases that are Covid, But are counted as non-Covid, So that balances out. As for the conspiracy theories, You guys can go stfu because you literally provided no evidence and are making up evidence with “non-existent studies and experiments” or inaccurate results that are swayed for the purpose of cherry-picking, So stop spending time with your whore just to speak with deformed brain cells.

  • Covid is Real

    It bad thing to be real but I do want to fake. You can imange things to fake but there always rule. There will be one day that humans will learn the mistakes. The nature : WHo I Liked to Called after an event in my elementary years is Mother Nature. That is another story.

    The covid not real because people died. The reason is because they don't wear mask and hanging out on the public place.
    Even From family. A gather in UNH has cause some sick with Covid -19.
    THe Family BBq Turns Into Covid 19 Outbreak. The family were get to gether and a barquee in their Sister 's backyard. They are 12 and almost all of them but two. There were no was showing system. They thougth there were no needs for social distance or huging each other. A week later, Ten of guest got ill with a covid -19,

  • don't be a Pepega

    Take care of people around you man, Don't be dumb. You're hurting others by thinking this dumb shit. Please, I beg you, Don't believe the f***ing conspiracy theories about Covid being a communist hoax or something like it, Please. Don't be f***ing retarded man, I just want that from you.

  • Whoever does should die.

    There are millions of people dying outside. There are also million of retards who think this is some kind of f***ing joke. They'll kill you if you tell them to put on a mask. They need to die and burn in hell. E sd fd ds sf sf fs d

  • There is not a debate here.

    COVID-19 is simply not a hoax. There have been over 24 million cases confirmed worldwide and hundreds of thousands of deaths. We have scientific evidence, Personal anecdote, And Eight Hundred Thousand Deaths. You cannot argue over simple, Scientific fact, And baseless conspiracy theories like this are disrespectful wastes of time.

  • No becawse my ant across the see got it

    My ant got the chicken pox and the korono virus at the same time! What a bummer! I think she live in italy i think. I here they got that real bad in italy. Who ever does not know bout korono must be hide ing behind their mom or something like that. Every body i know has herd about it. Its all over the news when i turn on the tv!

  • Of course it's not a hoax! People who actually believe this is being selfish, Arrogant and downright stupid.

    Why do people just have the urge to be 'different'? Maybe it makes them feel like a better or smarter person- the irony!
    Hundreds of thousands of people have DIED, Tens of Millions have suffered from it, And Billions are affected. The economy is plummeting and people are confused and struggling. There are 1, 701 scientific papers relating to the pandemic in the US ALONE, Irrefutable proof that the pandemic is dangerous, And OF COURSE IT EXISTS!
    Some people are arguing that it is the 'placebo effect'. But YOU KNOW WHAT? If it is, WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE DYING FROM IT? Did you know that the placebo effect can be easily disproved with a simple experiment? With the thousands of papers disproving it, How can you possibly think COVID-19 is a hoax?
    This kind of belief is selfish and arrogant and best and more likely dangerous at worst- people could suffer with people who are protesting that COVID-19 is fake.

    Thank you for reading and I hope that you Coronavirus non-believers would change their mind.

  • A virus cannot be a hoax

    I can understad to an extent that people can feel overwhelmed or that governments don't take the best actions. . . But we have a real virus infecting real people, Some of whom get killed by it. Don't believing in it is ridiculous to say the least. We should listen to science so we could have the best information possible, And not any "expert" on the internet.

  • That is disrespectful. Here's why. . .

    You are implying that the 796, 095 that died are all made up lies. You believe that the kids (Me. Missing my sophomore year right now) who are missing their most important section of their life are doing it in vain. This is just like the people that think the moon landing was a hoax. They imply that the astronauts that went into space knowing they may never see their families again never went. And it was all a lie. Yes. I just compared you to those people. I want you to understand that I have faith in the flexibility and power of the human mind. So what I want you to take away from my point is this: Respect the dead. Hail the brave. And just honor those who are not in as comfortable situations as you.

  • There is no way you're this retarded right?

    If you believe covid 19 is a f***ing hoax I want you to go to a gun shop and shoot yourself or just grab one from your house since most people who think covid is a hoax are die hard Trumpies so they probably already have one in their house

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