Do U.S High Schools encourage athletic and/or academic talents, more so than the do artistic talents and abilities?

Asked by: Ash_H
  • It's not just high schools

    My best friend has had her artistic talents shunned by the schools her entire life. Her mother wanted to said her to a math and science school. She's horrible at math (No offence to her). Her mom liked to say that she just wasn't trying but she was trying very hard. Can you imagine how stupid she would have felt at a math and science school? Back to the point most schools focus on athletic and academic activities. Artistic abilities and classes take the back burner. Growing up in an artistic family this is a big deal to me.

  • Absolutely! Schools do have a problem distributing encouragement to all students.

    I am talented in both the academic field and the artistic, but while in high school, I had many problems developing my artistic talents. For instance I was in an honors chemistry class and also a member of an advancing one act play, and was constantly told by my chemistry teacher, who just so happened to also be a coach, that "since I was not an athlete, the work I missed while preforming in one act play, was not her problem and therefore not her fault if I failed". When in all actually school policy said that I was granted 2 extra days to complete extra work for a day that I missed and that she was required to give it to me. I was not the only student who had problems like this in my high school. Almost all students who were artistically inclined had problems with teachers not willing to help them since, they were not athletes.

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