• We need to train our young so they can grow up and fill science jobs.

    U.S. schools definitely need better math and science programs. This is because so many other countries are ahead of us in these disciplines. In addition, the U.S. recruits too many foreigners for math, engineering, and physics jobs that could be filled domestically. But we need to train our citizens when they are young so they can fill these jobs when they get older.

  • Yes, we need to seriously look at the way we teach these.

    Yes, US schools are lagging behind other countries in both math and science. If we can't get our students engaged in these classes, then we need to change the way we present them to students. Perhaps in addition to changing the way we teach these topics, we should also look for teachers with specific attributes such as a sense of humor, high energy and an engaging speaking voice.

  • Yes, schools need better math an science programs.

    I definitely think that U.S. schools should get better programs for such fields such as math and science. I think that a lot of students today do not know enough about all the different aspects of math. I think learning math is important for a lot of the workfields today.

  • We fall behind.

    Yes, U.S. schools need better math and science programs, because there are jobs available to students that they cannot get because they do not have the math and science training. We fall behind other students from other countries in this regard, and we miss out on opportunities for innovation in the future.

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