Do u think american cars/trucks should look like what they looked like back then and look like that now days

Asked by: drewgumpenberger
  • Old style vehicles all the way

    When I am out in the summer I look at old vehicles and say to myself I wish all vehicles looked like they where back in the day some times I even ask the driver if I can sit in the driver seat to know what it feels like and i always get a picture so I remember the good days

  • American trucks should be like they used to be, and never drive a foreign car or truck because they are trash.

    Old trucks look way better....I mean look at the new ford f-150, its a great truck but the only thing that kills it is how they are made out of aluminum, back in 96 the trucks were full steel and ran well and just ready for anything... So they should bring them back.

  • American trucks and cars should look like they did back then

    I like how the trucks and cars looked back then. They might been heavier but they were still fast and were very strong. That mostly goes for the trucks also. The trucks back then still are running very good right now even if u dont take that good care of them. But u should take care of them.What do u think about all american cars and trucks and u think if they should look like back when they were created in the 60's 70's 80's and other eras like that

  • No, trucks and cars a fine the way they are today.

    Really, most of the trucks and cars were really ugly and didn't run well. Sure there was a few trucks and cars that were really nice and are good collector items, but nowadays, the designs on them are outdated.

    Also, I am not trying to be rude, but please don't use the grammar you used on debates, it makes people think you are immature.

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