• I think heaven is another universe

    Heaven cannot be in the clouds because aeroplanes cannot see god and angels. In space, astronauts cannot see heaven even though they explored any planets. And if people in heaven were ghost, even the people with the ability to see ghost cannot see them. So I think that heaven is in another universe or dimension.

  • As a Christian I say a big nope.

    No. Cause Heaven is a spiritual place not physical so it is probably in our solar system not in the clouds or in the multiverse. The Bible even implies it and the many Earths theory would just make it some big pile of mess and brings alot of questions. Though its a cool thought cause that means I can see Batman and Thor after they fie and go to heaven there is no evidence or basis for this.

  • Why do you believe in heaven in the first place?

    Not trying to be rude or anything, but I don't see how people can believe that there is another world out there beyond the dead without any proof. People always say other things aren't real like the bogeyman or the loch ness monster, so why is heaven so much more believable?

  • NO just read the bible.

    In the bible it says that you can never see heaven and that it could be anywhere you can never find it till you are dead you will never find it. It is completely a faith thing it is your opinion what it is but try to find it but there is only one way to and that is to except your lord savior.

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Yes, un i verse