• Who else can they afford to like

    Ugly people like other ugly people because they had to realize at one point in their life that liking attractive people wouldn't get them anywhere, so who can they like? Other ugly people, because they will make them happy by liking them back, while liking an attractive person would lead them to sadness and bad results. Unless they're hung like a horse.

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  • Ugly people like pretty people.

    Pretty people are pretty, prettiness is a fundamental trait that people see, if people see someone who they think is pretty or handsome they will think that person is that way no matter what. They may like ugly people but from a beauty or love point of view they are not drawn to other

  • Ugly people need to calm the hell down

    Surprisingly ugly people have the desire to date good looking people more than good looking people have the desire to date their own kind. I am very attractive, like drop dead gorgeous and society had brainwashed me into thinking that I am evil if I don't let ugly men have me, it was a horrific time in my life because they play games, and act bipolar, they don't know what to do with themselves when they start to date you, and you could wait for months but he will never grow into the relationship. I always feel like I'm dating dangerous fans, who love you so much they will kill you. Any who on the other hand an ugly person thinks they have every right to hot people and will stalk you or hate your guts if you don't notice them, I on the other hand have been turned down once surprisingly by cute guy for an ugly girl and I didn't resent him, many cute people I know do not resent or act like psychos when they are turned down. I think uglies just settle for their own kind eventually after they either gut their hot girlfriend and bury her somewhere, or she escapes into the bushes and go back to her country, ugly people need their own planet lol.

  • Your mother is ugly

    Trust me your momma is so ugly not even ugly people like her! So true. You see, every one has a higher opinion of their looks.Even your mum thinks she looks like big foot, she's way off mind you. Ha that betch uglaay! But that's not a bad thing so don't feel too bad. GG mate.

  • I wish there was a way to comment on this without voting.

    I personally think that saying 'ugly' people like other 'ugly' people is a broad generalization because everyone is different. Some may find other 'ugly' people attractive while others may find 'pretty' people attractive. In my opinion, we shouldn't base how much we like a person just because of their appearance. I think that the only thing that anyone should look for in someone else is that the person has a great personality. As I always say, it's not what's on the outside that counts; it is what's on the inside that matters.

  • Ugly people are people

    Being ugly may influence or sympathize their sentiment towards ugly people, but it does not direct it. Being ugly themselves, they have been down the same road but it cannot make them like somebody (who is ugly) when the don't.

    But don't get me wrong- I am talking about physical appearance only. There are many other traits of a person that is likable other than appearance, and a physically ugly person can like another physically ugly person because of their OTHER traits, but never drawn through the spell of a pretty face.

    And when I say ugly, I mean that the ugly person themselves think of the other person as ugly.

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