• It can help with different creativity.

    Just because you cant exactly express through clothing, it can help through your own person. You can express your opinion by speaking, and drawing, and communicating through others. Wearing uniforms DOES NOT prevent students think creativly and show creativity through their work. In a way it helps encourage more ways for individuality.

  • I would never wear a skirt.I just want to be comfortable and the only way to do that is to ditch the uniforms.

    High school is a time for teens to figure themselves out and to figure out what they like.Not wearing your own clothes makes it harder for others to decipher if you could be friends and if you're a friendly person.Uniforms repress the ability to wear what you like and be yourself.

  • Because they cant be themselves

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  • Students. Need. Individuality

    If you would like to go to a school, with uniforms, go to private schools, most of the time, provide the uniform policy. If you do not want your child, wearing uniforms, in order to create and build of their individuality and self esteem, most likely go to public schools, most public schools allow you to wear what you want. Me myself, love to wear my own clothing. However I go to public school, and they allow students to wear what they want.

  • Uniforms have no creativity

    Uniforms are just two plain colors. I think we should express are selves so who is with me I want happy kids not sad kids. Your just like every one else . But your not . You are you. And that is better than anything . Thank you and bye.

  • Uniforms do not allow creativity to bloom.

    If you say that clothing is not creative, then what is it? You chose your colors, chose your style, you have almost limitless options, and yet people say that that is not originality..... That does not make any sense at all what so ever. Uniforms definitely block creativity, you can't chose what to wear, there are too many constraints to say that you have creativity.

  • No, uniforms do not allow kids to express creativity.

    To an extent, kids can do different things with their hair (whatever is allowed by the school) or perhaps wear different jewelry, but in general, it stifles their sense of self. I feel that uniforms in school are outdated and unnecessary and don't allow people to find out who they really are.

  • Uniforms do not allow for expression of creativity.

    Uniforms do not allow children to express creativity or how they view themselves, or how they are comfortable. Uniforms are designed to make everyone alike. This in itself implies a lack of creativity and of expression. Uniforms discourage expression and individuality and encourage everyone to be the same as everyone else.

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