• Unions are important in today's economy.

    Without unions, many employees would not have a voice in the workplace. In this economy of high unemployment, employers have an advantage; they can always get someone else to do your job. This results in employers not feeling like they have to treat their workers well. Often unions are the only way workers are able to push for a living wage, any kind of benefits, and even the most basic health and safety conditions.

  • Except for public/state jobs, no.

    I do not find labor unions useful today and I feel they violate the free market. We have the EEOC, OSHA, FLSA, FMLA and many other governing bodies in place. These bodies are paid for by business tax and our taxes to ensure proper and ethical work practices. Yes, these systems are not perfect, but to tell private corporations or businesses that they MUST follow orders of a labor union, it is absurd. It takes away the right to free market and to run and operate your business. Additionally, labor unions do not always fight for the little guy, as they make money too and could easily take pay-offs or work maliciously. Finally, if a union goes on strike, members of the union are in jeopardy of temporarily being out of work. I just do not find them useful in the private market today and feel they should be abandoned in favor of simply educating the common man the employment laws we have in place.

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