Do United States politics only accept highly contaminated (indoctrinated) minds for leadership?

Asked by: Sagey
  • Watchers of US Politics Are Dismayed That Highly Rational (mostly Agnostic) Great Thinkers Are Always Beaten By (mindware contaminated) Irrational (devoutly religious) Poor Thinkers.

    The stupidity of the US trying to retain Christian values, reduces the Effectiveness of Government Policies as they are Always Tainted By Theistic Irrational Thinking.
    The Agnostic, Skeptical and highly intelligent politicians who are far more likely to make a better assessment of situations and thus make more rational, good decisions on them are always beaten in polls and elections by those who promise to take a Christian (Irrational) stance and assessment of situations and thus continue to make the US political decisions stand out to the rest of the world as a seriously stupid Jokes.

    For a country with so much power to be making such bad and poorly thought out decisions alarms many far more Rational, nations.
    The current anti-Obamacare antics of the Stupidly Idiotic Republicans leaves the rest of the world gasping as to how truly Idiotic are US politicians.

    Though considering the history of the rule of the Christian Majority and stupidity into trying to hold on to being an entirely Idiotic Christian Nation.

    It only stands to reason that the US will always remain a Stupid Nation so long as it tries to hold onto it's Irrational Objective of being a Nation of Christian Loons.

    Such religious devotion in Political Leaders is the opposite of what the US founding fathers had hoped for.
    They tried to formulate the constitution so this would not happen, because they did not want Political Decisions based on Religion.


    Even many Christians now realize that it is wrong to choose Politicians based on their Religious Beliefs. Other nations had stopped doing this decades ago.

    Here's a Christian view on mixing Religion And Politics.

    It's time US woke up to itself and Elected Politicians on their Ability to make Good, Rational Decisions and not on their Underlying Religiosity.
    Religion should never be a factor in Politics.

    Being Great, Rational Thinkers Is The Most Important Attribute A Nation's Leader Requires.

    It's The Only Way US Can Dig Itself Out Of The Manure That Previous Irrational, Seriously Poor Thinking, Christian Idiots Stuffed The US Into.

  • Indoctrinated minds for the moulding of the establishment

    Quite simply it is easier to influence an already indoctrinated, superstitious and religious mind with tricks and semantic drivel than a rational one. The US power establishment does not want creative and free thinking minds, it wants obedient and numb observers that repeat talking points for the benefit of the upper class. Repeat after me, "free market", "trickle down", "2nd Amendment"...

  • The answer is no.

    I would like to register a "no" vote but since the "yes" responses are currently based upon the very simple philosophy that our political system is failing due to the influence of "stupidly idiotic Republicans" and idiotic Christians with contaminated minds I see no point in debating their points, as they are quite straightforward. The implication is that our national politics can only be salvaged by the election of agnostic non-Republicans of some type. I recommend that you simply read their comments and make up your own mind.

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Sagey says2014-01-13T03:52:47.193
The founding fathers of the US constitution would be sorely dismayed at the state of US politics in the present day.
So, even in the 1700s it was well known that theology does not produce good political decisions.
Political decisions should be solely based on the Objective Reality of Situations.
Theology is only Subjective Semantics.

Political decisions based on Theological (Subjective/semantic) concerns don't Solve Real, Objective Problems.

They should have Rationality tests for all Politicians, and those who fall below a Yellow Line of Rationality, get Kicked Out.

Problem for the Republicans there is that they would lose 80% of their Candidates while the Democrats may lose 30%.
Sagey says2014-01-13T07:31:49.683
Actually: I'm not against Theism, so long as it doesn't interfere with Politics.
That's the problem, allowing theism to influence politics is actually unethical.