Do universities owe a courtesy to society that can be supplied by requiring all undergraduates to receive education about high-tech crime?

  • High tech crime a top priority

    High tech crime is always a priority because the world is so advanced today, and more people need to be aware of the type of crimes being committed to protect themselves. It is now 2014 and crimes are becoming high tech and more difficult to handle when a victim is attached by someone. Universities providing a course for this can only be beneficial.

  • Universities should not be required to teach anything

    Anytime you require a component of education, its meaningfulness is lost. Instead of people caring about high tech crime, they will learn the bare minimum to pass the test. Part of the problem with high tech crime also is that it is constantly changing. What students will learn about as freshman will be outdated when they are seniors. I also think that the cost to society and the students is much greater than any transitory gain.

  • We can't train everything.

    No, universities do not owe a courtesy to society by requiring all undergraduates to learn about high-tech crime, because the government cannot educate each student about everything that might be helpful. In high school we should learn about finances, good health, and crime. In college you should learn something specific.

  • Not Another General Ed Requirement

    As a student who paid for many required general education classes that had nothing to do with my area of study, I think it is unfair to assume that all college students need an education about high-tech crime. There is plenty of information about this problem on the Internet and students shouldn't be forced to pay for such a class.

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