Do universities provide assistance to students in implementing what they know?

  • Universities Implement Familiar Programs

    In many cases, universities help their students by implementing programs and solutions that students are used to experiencing. This includes financial aid programs and community outreach programs. Students benefit from these programs, and universities benefit from them, too. Therefore, such programs are more than recommended in this day and age.

  • if they take it

    If people in schools take advantage of the resources available to them then yes, schools do provide the students with ample assistance. The issue is not, however, whether the resources are there, but whether the people who are supposed to be using them are actually being ambitious enough to do so.

  • Counseling services are provided, along with tutoring, at many public universities

    While i cannot speak for Universities in the lower states, in the upper midwest, there are sufficient if not better facilities implemented for students to learn at their best ability. The "trick" is to create advertising for these things. I remember seeing a very good paper about how to deal with stress, but I was lucky to have found it.

  • Universities do not provide assistance to students in implementing what they know.

    Unfortunately, universities do not always provide assistance to students in implementing what they have learned. A lot of recent graduates complain that they are not able to find employment related to the fields that they studied. Universities should not grant degrees in industries that have low employment rates because this is irresponsible.

  • No, sometimes students learn principles rather than practicalities

    Abstract knowledge is not the same as practical knowhow
    gained through guided practice and hands-on experience. Unfortunately, some
    universities teach their students the foundations, history, and even sometimes
    the ethics of a field, but neglect to teach them the skills they will need in
    the everyday practice of its disciplines. Students with a fresh degree are
    often astonished at how much they still have to learn. Employers learn to
    request a certain number of years of on the job experience, in order to find associates
    who truly understand their job.

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