Do vaccinations cause autism and homosexuality?

Asked by: willbeast123
  • Yes they do

    There has been multiple different and reliable studies that support the argument that vaccines do indeed cause autism. Nothing has been done to prove that vaccines cause homosexuality, Yet. . . But it is very reasonable to believe so. Just the more reasons to not vaccinate your children. And why do we need vaccines if what we are vaccinating against is already eradicated? You can keep your autism and homosexuality, And i will keep my bible and vast medical knowledge.

  • This is common knowledge.

    There are many documented cases of homosexual people and autistic people having been vaccinated. The human brain is getting smaller, Not due to our bodies being smaller, But vaccines. Vaccines can be very detrimental to the brain which is why brain size is shrinking. What is also interesting is that the homosexuality rate has also been raised since vaccinations were invented. There has also been an increase in documented cases of brain disease in the past 100 years. Therefore, It is reasonable to assume that vaccinations can cause changes that make you homosexual, Autistic, Or cause other brain diseases. This is not confusing cause and effect, It is the cause. Have you ever heard stories about children getting vaccinated when they are 18 due to anti-vax parents? Autism. Also were vaccinations in the bible? Didn't think so. The conclusion is don't vaccinate your children unless you want them to be homosexual, Autistic, Have a smaller brain, And worship satan. Thank you and goodbye.

  • Not sure about homosexuality.

    But vaccinations probably do cause brain dysfunction in a small number of children.
    Nonetheless the assumed benefits of vaccinating far outweigh the presumed side effects.
    It is therefore probably assumed to be in the best interests of public health to ignore and discredit the anti-vaccination lobby.
    And so be it.

  • Homosexuality and autism are things you are born with.

    The reason why there exists a correlation between autism and vaccines is because we are able to diagnose it around the time we are vaccinated. The first and most impactful study regarding the problem of autism and vaccines was falsificated because Wakefield wanted money. Many beliefs blamed mercury as being the cause of the disease. However, After removing thiomersal, The amount of autistic children didn't change at all.

  • They absolutely do not.

    There was ONE paper linking vaccines to autism that has since been discredited by pretty much the entire scientific community of independent researchers. There is no such body of research indicating otherwise. Smallpox is the only disease that has been eradicated by vaccines. All others have been kept at bay by the widespread use of vaccines. Diseases like measles are making a comeback as we speak because people aren't vaccinating their children, And this is causing outbreaks. Right now. In the developed world. Vast medical knowledge is on the side of vaccines. No anti-vaxxer can claim to have vast medical knowledge, Only conspiracy theories that keep being disproven time and time again, Then shifting their goalposts. Anti-vaxxers are in active opposition to intellectualism and are a threat to public health.

  • Where is the evidence

    The myth that vaccines cause autism is in-fact a myth the one study on it was done by a "doctor" (he lost his medical certificate after this) with a group of 12 children and these children were chosen as they were probably autistic and he was getting payed to say that vaccines cause autism.

  • Autism is lifelong

    Autism syndrome. As the name implies, Is a syndrome and therefore cannot be contracted. It may even be partially genetic. As for homosexuality, It is merely part of your opinion on what your ideal lover is. How, Exactly, Would a life-saving vaccine: cause contraction of a potentially genetic syndrome and alter sexual opinion?

  • No, Definitely Not

    There was one main study published a little while ago that claimed that vaccines cause autism. This paper was discredited over and over and the guy who wrote it got his medical license taken away, Yet our community cannot seem to fully believe that this study is fake.

    Homosexuality and autism are things that you are born with. They are not necessarily bad and you should love people no matter what. Autism just makes someone's brain function differently, And that's so much better than having a dead child. One of the reasons that people believe that vaccines are linked to autism is because the symptoms show up at the same time.

    Some people will indeed have reactions to the vaccines. If this is you or your child, You should not continue getting vaccines. This is why we hope others get vaccinated; so they can protect people who can't do to sensitivities or immune diseases.

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  • Not according to the centers for disease control and prevention https://www. Cdc. Gov/vaccinesafety/concerns/autism. Html

    One vaccine ingredient that has been studied specifically is thimerosal, A mercury-based preservative used to prevent contamination of multidose vials of vaccines. Research shows that thimerosal does not cause ASD. In fact, A 2004 scientific reviewExternal by the IOM concluded that “the evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal–containing vaccines and autism. ” Since 2003, There have been nine CDC-funded or conducted studies, That have found no link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and ASD, As well as no link between the measles, Mumps, And rubella (MMR) vaccine and ASD in children.

    Between 1999 and 2001, Thimerosal was removed or reduced to trace amounts in all childhood vaccines except for some flu vaccines. This was done as part of a broader national effort to reduce all types of mercury exposure in children before studies were conducted that determined that thimerosal was not harmful. It was done as a precaution. Currently, The only childhood vaccines that contain thimerosal are flu vaccines packaged in multidose vials. Thimerosal-free alternatives are also available for flu vaccine. For more information, See the Timeline for Thimerosal in Vaccines.

    Besides thimerosal, Some people have had concerns about other vaccine ingredients in relation to ASD as well. However, No links have been found between any vaccine ingredients and ASD.

    Posted by: jbt1
  • No No No

    There was one study that claimed there was a link between vaccines and autism, And that has been proven to be false. Vaccines cause homosexuality? How absurd! What’s so wrong with autism? I’m autistic myself; I have Asperger’s Syndrome, Which is a form of high-functioning autism. Vaccines are beneficial. Diseases that were a major issue decades ago(e. G. Smallpox and polio) have been eradicated because of vaccines. Why do you think people are encouraged to get flu shots every winter? So you don’t catch the flu! It’s as simple as that.

  • Vaccines are almost completely safe

    I'm a hospital volunteer, And I have heard from countless doctors, Nurses, And med students the exact opposite of what you are saying. There was one study (https://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmed/9500320) linking the Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism, But that has been disproven by over a dozen others. And those studies are backed up by three different meta-analyses. The only virus that vaccines have eradicated is Smallpox. The reason you need to vaccinate your kids is that diseases like measles, Mumps, And rubella will infect others that don't have that kind of immunity. It is not safe for anyone to have unvaccinated kids running around ready to infect other unvaccinated kids. It is dangerous, And it is the fault of anti-vaxxers that we now have measles outbreaks across the nation. WE now have a medical crisis on our hands, And we are, Instead of fixing it, Arguing on debate. Org about whether or not we should fix it. I hope that anti-vaxxers realize that they have the blood of every single child who has died of preventable diseases on their hands.

  • Not. True. At. All.

    The reason why people say "autism is linked to vaccinations" have no statistical evidence to back it up, As well as not looking at the big picture. A child begins vaccination at the same age autism is usually determined. During the infant years of about 2 or 3 years old.

    Posted by: liem

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