• Until there is a definitive answer to determine the cause autism nothing can be ruled out.

    There is much independent evidence ranging from parental reports and videos that document the decline of child's development that correlates with the the the invasion of the MMR vaccine.

    Never underestimate the power of Pharmaceutical companies and the vilification of medical personal that disagree with their profitable technologies.
    Ask why in 2000 the serum was changed and then made available for the public on PBS schemes.

    It is not all of the answer but most likely some. Remember that parents must sign a waiver that they understand that they are taking a risk of adverse affects. To which they quickly assured is very minute only affecting some of the population.

    Th e pharmaceuticals discredited Wakefield, by clouding his study and theology. He never claimed that children should not be immunized only the danger for some would affect and flatten the villi in the small intestine leading to ineffectual absorption and leading further to toxic build up of fermenting waste.
    He called for smaller doses over a longer period of time and argued against multiple vaccine injections.

    Has the world forgot thalidomide??? And the appalling methods of responsibility avoidance displayed by the pharmaceutical community?

    When they can absolutely describe why autism occurs the doubt will remain

  • There is no credible evidence linking vaccines to autism

    The only study "confirming" vaccines cause autism was proven false numerous times by the scientific community and the people who vouch otherwise (Dr. Oz, Jenny McCarthy) are doing so for profit and fame. Also, Docotors wouldn't even have an incentive to give vaccines if they were only for profit because doctors are not paid for the number of vaccines they give. Paranoid parents wildly blaming completely unrelated factors for their childrens' disabilities by looking for a scapegoat is unwarranted and toxic to society at large. Yes, there is reason to be skeptical of pharmaceutical companies and yes, healthy skepticism is good for society at large but those against vaccinations deny logic and waste scientists' and doctors' time by turning attention away from real issues and instead complaining about complete and utter bullshit.

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  • I don't think they do.

    I'm not aware of them causing autism, yet I have always wondered if the average human IQ is dipping as a result of vaccines coming in, somehow affecting the developing brain. I dissaprove of vaccines being abolished, yet I would agree with some form of consent from the child first before they are given it.

  • No they do not.

    I presume you are talking about the MMR vaccine.

    The doctors that did that research and published their findings have now retracted their claims and the one that did not has been struck off.

    The research was badly flawed and extremely stupid to publish.
    The deaths from some parents withholding the vaccine from their children are still mounting up.

  • No It Does Not

    There are two main types of vaccines:

    1. Inactivated Vaccine

    These vaccines contain a altered form of the virus/bacteria and is admitted into the body as antigen; therefore, the next time a pathogen with that antigen is recognised by the White Blood Cell, it would kill it. In this process, there is nothing to do with the mental system, at all.

    2. Active Vaccines
    These ones are more dangerous: they contain pathogens that are activated, but that is weakened. As in the case the Polio Vaccines, these contain live weakened pathogens that could harm you; there are around 400,000 cases of vaccine reactions: however, these will kill you and will not create autism.

    I would also like to add that Jenny McCartney's (or whatever her name was) son did not have autism but a rare mental disorder.

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