• We Need To Get To Know Them Too

    We hardly ever get to see our VPs in action, many times people can't even name them or recognize their faces. The VP debates, although dismissed by many, give us a glimpse of their mannerisms and ideas. It surely helps us to remember their faces. And even if we think we're voting on the President, and the VP just comes with them, they're important too. More and more as the times change. We don't need anymore forgettable Al Gores and Dan Quayles

  • Just Ask Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin

    Vice presidential debates matter on two fronts. First, Lloyd Bentsen uttered those famous words to Dan Quayle, "you are no Jack Kennedy." Second, it is important for Americans to see what kind of person can become president in the unfortunate event of the president's death, resignation or incapacity. The vice presidential debate certainly mattered in 2008 when Sarah Palin made a mockery of herself.

  • Ayuh.

    I wouldn't say that they are a major influence in anything, but they do matter, especially if someone makes a complete idiot out of themselves. If Biden waltzes into the debate and makes some massive gaffe, then you'd better believe that that's going to have an impact that will be felt.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Certainly they matter! We need to understand where the second in line Commander in Chief stands and how he will support and lead our country. If he is not a strong individual how can we expect a sound and well led country? We can't. We need to understand where our President and VP stand.

  • Vice-presidential debates do not matter

    I do not believe the vice presidential debate matters when it comes down to which candidate a person is going to vote for at election time. While a country does not want to have an idiot for a vice president, the president is the one who matters when it comes time to vote. The vice president doesn't have nearly any control during his term where-as the president has quite a bit.

    Posted by: jus
  • Corporation Controls America. Not Presidents!

    No, Vice Presidential debates do not matter. Regardless of the President, Corporations will continue to control America & the planet if the working class doesn't stand up & fight against these greedy thugs! As long as we have a system that gives Corporation hugemongeous tax breaks & entitlements, Presidents & all politicians will be Corporations paid servants!

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