• Yes it is bad

    Yes the video games cause bad behavior in children. The daily time table is affected by video games children have to do more important thing like going to school and playing out side.Some kids may probably want to try to do violence and some children take it as fun things to do

  • Yes, the scenes children see do affect the choices they make

    Video games come in many varieties. Some are openly
    educational, teaching math or grammar. Others offer gamers the opportunity to
    explore imaginary kingdoms and solve clever puzzles. The games parents worry
    about are the first person shooters, the games in which players imitate soldiers
    at war or criminals at work. These particular games do encourage players to
    imagine themselves in violently aggressive roles. If such imaginative role
    playing does not encourage certain behaviors, it is hard to see why companies
    bother to pay for commercials.

  • Yes, we know this already...Read on

    Guns kill people, Drunk cars kill their drivers, spoon make people fat, books create stalkers, movies create psychopaths, video Games create killers, technology is evil etc etc etc.

    You have to accept the reality that the sky is pink, clouds are made out of candy and gold is at the end of the rainbow.

    Posted by: N711
  • Bad Behavior Evident In Youngest of Gamers

    Without a doubt, children can benefit from playing video games at a young age. However, certain types of video games, including shooters, are detrimental to a person's social growth at a young age. Children can play shooters, but those that fixate on these games and rarely leave the home will develop bad behaviors.

  • Video games could cause bad behavior in children.

    Children who are over-exposed to video games may begin to mimic the behavior they see on video games. Some of this behavior may not be desirable or even appropriate. In this context, video games can cause bad behavior in children. It's possible, though, that limited exposure to age appropriate video games can actually be beneficial to children.

  • Its bad for childrens

    Because its wastes time for other imporyant stuff like school work . Or some people finish thier game but it will be to late and they have to go to sleep and make an excuse to the teacher the next day . Then they wonder why they have all bad grades.

  • Its bad for childrens

    Because its wastes time for other imporyant stuff like school work . Or some people finish thier game but it will be to late and they have to go to sleep and make an excuse to the teacher the next day . Then they wonder why they have all bad grades.

  • No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Studies show that kids get more focused when they play video games and that their brainpower increases the more they play also their eyesight gets better (not worse) when they play. I like playing video games myself .So kids should actually play video games. Though they shouldn't play too much

  • Children are still learning

    Children are still learning, so when they see something like GTA, full of violence and other crime. Children also play a lot of violent online games like call of duty, battlefield, halo, etc. since the children could potentially be playing with people who might spend the majority of their life on this game, so the children might be having a hard time online, thus making them angry, thus making them more aggressive, thus creating problems outside of their video games and their homes. Video games are also shown to cause grey matter deterioration in gamer's brains. Another argument is that more mature gamers will be so involved in their games that their life outside games will be non existent and their health will also be non existent, children who don't see this side of gaming will think, "I want to be a league of legends pro one day," sounds fun at first right? But then you get addicted and your life starts to become video games, and since most kids have very little self control, this becomes a problem.

    So vote yes...

  • Video games cause behavior

    I support it strongly.It reduces the eyesight of the children. You can nowadays find most of the children sitting in front of video games.They never become active. With that time they could go to parks & do exercise to maintain their body. So I strongly support this topic very much

  • No they dont!!

    I dont think so. These gamers are not some 3 to 4 year old toddlers but are above the age of 8 or 10 who know that if they shoot someone in the head the that person is not going to get some extra "lives". I think parents just exaggerate this topic.

  • The dont hart

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  • Videogames are not bad

    Do you see kids running around bashing other kids over the head with diamond swords? No. Do you see kids jumping off things because they have an extra 'life'? No. You'd have to be pretty stupid to think that when you beat someone to death with a pickaxe they'll come back to life because it's COMMON SENSE.As long they are taught the right way to behave then they won't be violent.

  • No not really

    Not dat many incidents are heard of. You don't here incidents on the news about this situation. It's not really a problem in the world that's something very major. It's not a big issues that causes problems. We don't have to be cationous. S s s s as. As s

  • Video games actually does the opposite.

    Video games have been proven to limit aggression. Besides crime in youth has dropped since video games came outhttps://austinlinton18.Wordpress.Com/tag/violent-video-games/
    Maybe it's good for them. Maybe Video games are actually influencing kids to stay away from violence. Not to mention that when kids kill someone it's mostly bad parenting, bullying, being insecure, or rough living.

  • No they dont

    They don't because I have playing Skyrim for years and nothing has happened it just depends if you have a mental problem. Some kids think that its real and think its okay. Plus the parents who let there kids play them so its there fault. Parents are the ones who let there kids play them

  • No not necessarily

    I do not think that video games alone cause bad behavior in children. I think that a childs bad behavior is a result of several factors and cannot solely be blamed on video games. Video games can be a problem but there are other factors. It is a parents responsibility to limit and monitor video game play. Same goes for TV and internet.

  • No, video games do not cause bad behavior

    I disagree that video games cause bad behavior in children. Bad parenting and the environment a child is raised in causes bad behavior in children. If parents do allow their child to play video games that are violent or troubling in nature, they should first have a discussion with there child about the content of the video game.

  • Video games do not cause bad behavior in children.

    Video games do not cause bad behavior in children. The surroundings of the child and the raising of the child is what causes the bad behavior. Most children that play video games understand that it is not real and should not affect their lives in the real world. I think it is wrong to blame video games.

  • No, video games do not cause bad behavior in children.

    Video games do not affect the behavior of children. Parents control how their children behave. Bad parents that let video games raise their children will have poorly behaved kids. A good parent who raises their kid properly, but also allows them to play video games, will not have any problems with their children's behavior.

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