Do video games cause more violence than other forms of violent media?

Asked by: blue_charles
  • Yes! I believe this.

    I remember reading in the headlines that the Newton killer practices his shooting on violent video games like BlackOps and Modern Warfare. They're too violent! :0 I think they're really harmful to one's health, and cause way, way more violence than other forms of media, like television, the internet, etc.

  • We are doing violent things in video games

    In TV or other media, we are just watching someone else doing the violent things, but in video games, we are doing by yourself. We plan how to do things in video game which is usually violent things, and it will be easier to be violent because you are thinking about how would you do violent things wile you are doing violent video games.

  • Yes they do.

    Video games make you being the person who has got the weapon, you decide what to do so you've got a sensation of power people don't get from movies. And Video Games are a way to develop personality and traits, mixed with other factors like movies, the environment people live in and access to guns can create a criminal personality that can later become a murderer.

  • Are you serious?

    I find video games to be a great means of stress relief, which helps me not commit any kind of violence in reality. I feel that if you somehow get warped by a video game into thinking that it's okay to repeat it in 'real life', then something may be mentally wrong with you.
    I don't know, maybe with the way different people's minds work, video games could have an effect, but my personal experience, and that of my gamer friends, would state that violent games to not make a person more prone to violence.

  • Why is this still an argument?

    I suppose it is because videogames allow consumers a) a more realistic experience and/or b) more agency or volition than other forms of media. So, let's debunk these one at a time. A) The rise of realistic violence in television and movies have not contributed to violence. In fact, violent crime rates during the era of television have been lower than any other era in history. B) Children have always had a greater level of agency with toy guns, toy soldiers, and their imaginations than is even allowed by most restrictive video game worlds. Neither argument stands up.

  • Of course not

    Just because there are unnecessary things to do in video games it will probably not stimulate the brain to actually be violent in people. To actually make people think violently, they would have to do things that will cause their muscles to perform more harder than just button mashing in controllers.

  • Okay, this needs to stop.

    Violent video games are not the cause of violence. They can be a stress reliever, and it is just for fun. After playing Battlefield I don't think, "Oh, well I feel like pulling out the old AK now and trying this out for real!" In fact violence is down, and it started decreasing when Doom came out. So violent video games actually provide an easy way to let go of your anger and relax? What sort of black magic is this?! Have any of you played Metal Gear Solid? The story line is sad, and it actually encouraged me to stay away from any violence. But it was still violent. If a person is going to kill someone it won't be a video game's fault, because they are already messed up in the head. Seriously, how many of you would actually go and kill someone because you saw it in a movie? Apply the same logic to video games.

  • No, they don't, necessarily.

    Video games are now (not apprehensively) one of the world's most popular and successful productions. It is not at all perspicacious to judge them exclusively according to their content. Many have said that "many games contain violent scenes...", but the rate of influence of video games is relatively low, despite their content. That conception needs extreme amplification.
    Hence, the motivation of playing video games is not to get influenced by them, but the main goal is to "have fun". With such intentions, negativity of playing video games would dramatically decrease.

  • I do not agree

    Video Games in no way make someone violent.
    Not all video games are violent. Take super mario's example. Super Mario is a very popular game series and I really doubt there are kids who after playing that game suddenly have an urge to jump arround in pipes, eat mushrooms and stomp on some turtles.
    Of course there are video games that are considered violent, but if video games start to alter the children's behaviour it is not the video game's fault. I blame bad parenting, for letting their children be educated through video games insted of the parents themselves.

  • Video games don't cause violence, a bad internet connection does...

    Haha the headline was just a joke.

    Well seriously, we do not know if video games are the direct causes of violence. It may be initially aggressive people simply love playing violent games :P.What I'm sure is that playing video games are good ways to release stress for most people. Imagine yourself coming back from work with a tension mind after some serious scolding from your boss or a stressed day of homework. It would always be better having some video games to play especially violent ones where you can smash virtually everything :), so that you won't have to release the pressure you have on something else. Maybe a controlled dosage of playing games are in fact the key to minimal real time violence :D.

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