• Yes it does!!!

    I have no idea why I'm the only person saying that it does because it's true! Maybe everyone that as posted has not been in real touch with the young world that actually plays these video games!!! I'm 12 and in the 7th grade so I can reassure you that even though I may not be as educated as the people saying that it does not cause violence in society but I have an advantage in real life experience. It's like if you are a CEO for a company and you make absurd rules for your workers to follow and you have no idea how the work within the company and furthermore you are not worried about it! Many kids I have talked to both younger, the same age, and older than me say that many of the acts they perform that are violent or inappropriate for their age they learn from video games that they or older siblings play! This is unacceptable that our youth knows about certain things or should be caring about them, such as being killed, because they play or watch a very inappropriate, adult rated video game! As the minors are growing up, they may think that these acts are okay because nobody has ever told them different! Studies have shown that at least 47% of these children are committing these violent crimes or acts as they come into adulthood and even before that!!! This is definitely not what we want our kids to live through and have their children know as the world you let your child live in! Think about it reasonably and you'll find that maybe you need to look from a different perspective and not just assume that everything is ok because your child doesn't tell you or doesn't show you directly!!! Come on people I thought we were smarter than this!

  • It's not the video games fault, its the people who don't teach others from right and wrong.

    A preregistered study of violent video game effects concluded that violent video games did not influence aggression in players. The preregistered nature of the study removed the potential for the scholars to "nudge" the results of the study in favor of the hypothesis and suggests that preregistration of future studies may help clarify results in the field.

  • No they don't

    People say they do but most of the time people have some kind of mental problem, were abused as children or were abused and do bully other kids or think they are cooler is they bully/attack other people/kids. The only reason people say its because of video games is because they don't want to say that they are mean and the people who say that NEED to stop

  • Games are not Violent

    Well games are just entertainment for people, a pass time, or even just there job. People just have been bullyed or picked on they play games and think its okay to kill someone with now punishment. They are not even going to be relieved about it so whats the point in thinking that way

  • Video games are not the cause

    i've always felt that video games are a great form of entertainment, and sometimes people tend to take them a bit too seriously. The bottom line is, every video game is given a specific rating from the FCC. If a child is too young and does not fall into the age limit, they should not be allowed to play.

  • A mere reflection

    Video games are not the cause of any type of violence in society, but it should be open for discussion why we are so openly willing to accept violent video games in society. This is not the fault of games, but of society, which already embraces acts of violence as natural and healthy.

  • Video games are only a small part of the problem

    No, I do not believe that video games cause violence in society. If a person is raised correctly and their are no mental issues involved, video games will have little to no effect on the violence of an individual or society for that matter. Society was violent before video game existed, so violence can not be blamed wholly on video games; there are various factors that must be taken into account.

  • No they do not.

    Violent video games do not cause violence in society. If there is violence in society than that person would have been violent with or without the video game. It may have played a trigger to a certain person but it was not the sole and only leading factor into why that person is that way.

  • No, they don't.

    I don't believe that violent video games or movies or anything violent causes violence in society, but I do believe that certain violent people will watch violent things because they enjoy being surrounded by violence. I think the solution involves more and better mental health care and addressing the issues in the violent people.

  • Its the parents.

    Where do you think people got the ideas for things to put in video games in the first place? Parents have one of the biggest influences on a child. If the parents don't teach children right from wrong, whats real and whats fake, then the child will not know these things, and can take up things from them. If parents have an older child that plays violent games, but that child has a younger sibling far from their age, don't allow the child to see it.

    Video games are fun, and can teach creativity and can be educational. Studies have shown that video games are very useful in burning stress and negative emotions. It gives people creative ideas and can change them in a good way. It's not the video games fault, its the people who don't teach others from right and wrong.

    Posted by: Cyan
  • No...Bad Parenting Does.

    First off, I have heard countless people telling how their little brother or sister plays violent video games and started behaving badly. Most of the time these kids are not even old enough to be playing these games! If you let your child play an M rated video game and then blame the game for his/her behavior problems instead of your parenting then you should not be raising a child. Growing up children need to develop in a balanced environment. As a kid a child needs to play outside, learn, talk, educate, and socialize, not sit in front of a screen for hours just so the parents don't have to do anything. As the child grows up with the years let them play age appropriate video games, but not constantly. Don't let it become an addiction. That's how I'm going to raise my child.

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