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  • Video Games Are Not the Main Cause of Violence

    I feel that many want to put the blame of violence on video games when that is not actually the truth. Reasons for violence can be many factors which have nothing at all to do with video games. I agree that some video games should not be encouraged and particularly for those with unstable minds. Video games alone cannot be blamed for the violence.

  • No, the problem is deeper than that.

    I think our society is permeated with violence and has a sort of fascination with it. But I don't think video games are to blame because it has to be obvious to anyone playing them that they are animated fiction. I think that people, just like pit bulls, behave the way they are shown and treated.

  • Look at the real problem.

    If a video game makes a kid violent, then there's something wrong with the kid. Children for many years watched Looney Tunes cartoons, and those are very violent. But do you see kids dropping anvils on people? No, because they know the difference. Kids grew up playing cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers. Did every kid become a cop or robber? No, kids aren't as stupid as you think. If a kid really takes something like a game seriously, it's a mental problem. And that should be helped first and foremost!

  • No, video games don't cause violent behavior.

    I think video games are unfairly criticized. It seems like the media is just trying to blow this out of proportion. Tons of other countries have video games (Germany, Japan, China, South Korea) and they have incredibly low murder rates. I just think the media is looking for a scape goat and video games are the best option.

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