• Yes they do because why do they have it at all

    I have played thru the years lotro warhammer wow guild wars n there was not the blatant sexual themes I see now. Why I ask, is it for the gamer who has no life in the real. And wonder why people r talking about it being an addiction, perhaps because the line between real life and gaming has been blurred?

  • Parents need to be careful.

    Yes, video games contain too much sex and violence, because characters are drawn very suggestively, and they do violent things. Even games that are marketed to children, such as Skylanders, contain a great deal of violence. Characters are drawn in a sexual manner, especially the women. Video games have changed a lot in recent times.

  • If you thing games have to much "pornography" remember they are cartoons not really people

    If you thing games have to much "pornography" remember they are cartoons not really people. And if your consumed of your children seeing explicit things on games don't buy them those games or ask before buying the game. Because what's I'm the game suits the game and it would look stupid without it so suck it up or don't get them

  • Video Games do not Contain too much Sex and Violence

    There are many, many kinds of video games on the market. And yes, some are very violent and/or contain sexual material that is not suited for children. But there are a lot that are not overtly sexual or violent. In fact, the majority are probably not. You choose which video games are allowed into your house like you do television shows and movies.

  • Look at tv

    No, I think that the video games of today do not have to much sex and violence in them at all, and I think that there is nothing wrong with the kids of today playing them. I think that the shows on tv have a lot more problems that games.

  • Many Games Available

    The wonderful thing about video games is if you don't like what they have to offer, you can always decide not to buy anything. I do not believe all video games contain too much sex and violence. In fact, we have quite a few games in our house that are free of both. Shop around, buy what you want, no one is forcing you.

  • No, they don't contain too much

    The ESRB is in place to assure that games contain a tame amount of violence and sex. Violent games are rated M and the label explicitly states it is not intended for children. If there is too much violence, it will be rated X just like Manhunt 2 was until it was toned down. Any game that contains graphical depictions of sex or nudity is automatically rated X as well. These games are not sold in retail stores due to these ratings. So the ESRB is making sure there is a tame amount in each game.

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