• Yes I also believe that video games are harmful.

    Video games are a hobby for many people just as TheCourier74 said. People of all ages play these addictive, hard to put down games. But I strongly agree that video games damage the community.

    There are many reasons that video games are harmful. I have seen and heard news about teenagers raging across the streets after playing violent games such as GTA(Grand Theft Auto). Some people may play these R18+ games under required age. These people are probable to be our next generation gansters.

    Another argument is that video games are time-consuming. You DO NOT get any knowledge out these video games. You could've been doing physical activities outside or being studying to build knowledge. A famous speech given by many kids to their parents is,"Mummy, I finally won this level!"But they haven't actually achieved anything in life, like win an election to be Prime Minister. Games are blocking peoples path to success. This is why there are very few people born to lead.

    My last argument is that just sitting idly on a couch playing video games is unhealthy for you. Not only will it lead to obesity but it will also damage your spine. The spine was built upright you know. Not slanted. As I said before you could be doing sports and losing weight, instead of gaining weight. Video games and technology are the reason obesity is common these days.

    Even though I do play video games myself(I admit they are pretty fun) I am very upset that many people are sticking to their couches like spiders gaming away all day long. Video games were built only for a certain amount of time, and the best time for that is when you've finished all your tasks, when it's relaxing time and after video game time, you should also do some sports. Remember Netherland and Switzerland are hitting the top marks,because they actually do the real thing, not play it on a screen.

  • Yes, there are many harms from video games

    Firstly, to TheCourier74, I don't believe that video games can be compared to writing or painting. Both these present a final, tangible product that contributes to the community, while video games contribute violence and unrest, as I will prove.

    Video games often tell our youth that it's ok to kill and maim people in any circumstance. Research has shown that children learn most of their values and beliefs in life when they are below the age of 16, and during this time they are often exposed to violent games such as grand theft auto and call of duty. As stated earlier, children are going to learn many of their values from being exposed to these games, which is going to lead to issues down the track.

    A key example of this is the massacre at the first screening of the latest 'Batman' movie, when the man behind it believed he was the joker from batman, causing him to commit this horrible crime. Often people with pre-existing mental issues will be prone to behaviour such as this, causing unspeakable harm to others. And it only takes one person to end another's forever, irreparably damaging the community.

    So by now it must be clear that something MUST be done to stop the horrors video games are creating, and from these, severely damaging the community.

  • No its not

    Video games are like any hobby, Just Like Reading, Painting...Etc, and is simply something you can choose to either do or not do, i dont see why one would verbally or psychically assult a video gamer, its irrational, meaningless, is it ok to assult a writer, an artist, no, its not.

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