Do video games directly influence behaviour problems?

Asked by: ingrambros
  • Yes if children playing the games like fighting and sex in it.

    This is very bad for children. The bad influence for games will contagious and likely they will follow that. And will give more bad influence if they playing the games all day. And worst, sex will be usually in children role. The negative effects was happened in this era of technology.

  • It's stupid to think they do.

    They are forms of art whether you like it or not. They are creative pieces designed for entertainment purposes. How your child interprets it is completely up to your child. The child reacts to the people in their life and trials and tribulations within it, not a digital game and story. If your child grows up bad then either you're a bad parent or they have some issues. An example to me personally is a friend I have - a kid who grew up with video games (even the sexual and violent ones). Despite playing them his whole life he is one of the kindest people I know, won't even go past a charity worker without spilling his pockets to them. And he is not the only one I know either. There is no correlation between behavior and video games and it is constantly shown. This is a repetitive and annoying issue that needs to be put down permanently. I know people who look at people who play games like their scum because of this stupid yet thankfully declining misconception. Besides what games did people like Hitler or Stalin or Gengis Khan play? Exactly. It just that repetitive this game that happens throughout history in that people don't trust new devices or whatever when they first come out and then people learn to trust them eventually whilst other things take their place. Video games are not the first in this line and they are certainly not the last

  • No it does not

    Over time scientists have proven that video games can be beneficial for children. It let's them learn stuff more easily than these that don't. Look at the 90% + nerds in high school: they play video games. As for behaviour influence, if the child is old enough to seperate right from wrong, then no, there is no direct influence.

  • In a parental view: It is not the childs fault for playing video games

    The games do not rot the childs minds, it just simply lets the consumer develop a friend. If the child has the time to play games, then what would he be doing without it? In today's society the only activities that arent frowned upon are the ones that are done in crowds. It is not fun to play a game of soccer all by yourself. If you do, then you will definetly be lonely. A video game takes up the time in the kids life that they just have to pass. If they arent doing this, then they could be out finding another way to amuse themselves like, something that will get attention from others (not in a good way). Some games even allows multiplayer. This lets them be close to their friends even from a distance.

    It is much better to be able to develop bonds with someone than to grow up living sad.

    Now, if this was compared to time spent with family, then that is completely diferent. Lack of parents attention leads to bad behaviour, if the parent would have been playing with the kid then, they would be so much better off than with some soccer ball. A parent is a perfect role model. They will teach them the corrent path of attitude, while also being their friend if they get lonely.

    Video games are where kids turn to, to pass time. Playing with parents is better but, its not because of the video game that the kid turns bad, its because of the lack of attention and vision on which path to take

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