• Video games are bad for you

    Video Games do more harm than good because they aren't teaching you much and they are bad for your eyesight. Your eyesight is important and it would be very inconvenient and a hassle if you had glasses so playing video games won't help, so I believe that video games certainly do more harm than they do good.

  • Yes video games

    Do more harm because you will have terrible headaces and you wont be able to read very well so i strongly believe video game are harmful. And plus you will have to wear glasses where ever you need to go thank you for listening or not playing not much computers.

  • Harmful to the Brain

    Many video games can give you repetitive strain injuries, skin disorders, seizures, and other brain issues. Also, 1 in 10 video game players show addiction or addictive behavior. Violent video games also make kids more likely to be violent when they grow up. Now, on to eyesight. Video games that are to bright can be damaging to the eyes.

  • Waste of Time

    If your saying that video games are fine, then what do your children get out of it? Does it really help in any way, instead of playing video games all day in your little bubble, you could be doing better things that can help you in life during the future.

  • Eyesight and hearing

    Do we want to harm people's eyesight and hearing? The people started from, " do you play video games?" to "what video games do you like?".
    Tetris syndrome and illnesses and EVEN death can be involved, therefore video games are harmful to people, especially kids. Do you want them to suffer?

  • No video games allowed in class

    Video games lead to obesity. As a research, computer games
    make teenagers hungry and more likely to become obese. Video
    games simulate youngsters' appetites encouraging them to raid the fridge and cupboards, for snacks. Video games also make kids
    more aggressive, because violent acts are continually repeated throughout the video games.

  • Is bad for your eyes.

    Video games are a past time enjoyed by millions of people world wide. However, what you might see not know is that playing video games can cause a variety of negative effects upon your eyes.
    Playing video games for extended amounts of time can cause children to experience many of the same symptoms seen in computer vision syndrome in adults. Extensive viewing of the game screen can lead to eye discomfort ,fatigue, blurry vision and headaches.
    Prolonged game play without significant breaks can cause eye focusing problems, as well as eye irritation.

  • Video games make students to not study

    If a child is addicted to video games they will not go outside and play or do their homework and study. Children are still young and has a whole life in front of them. Lots of parents want their child to be a dentist, docter, or someone who can earn a lot of money. I know because I am in sixth grade and my parents wants me to be a dentist. If children wants to have a good future they will have to study hard and if possible play only about 1~2 hours a day. I mean my parents won't let me play at all. These are the reasons why I think video games make students to not study.

  • Don't hate the game, hate the player.

    So many people say, "video games cause violence", and this statement is completely false. People that cause violence have a past history of violence or violent thoughts, but "experts" will always immediately blame it on games. Gaming is completely misunderstood and filled with stereotypes, but it isn't a life changing thing, it's just an escape from reality, whether its taking on a role in a fantasy world, or creating one yourself. No one becomes the character they play as. I've played as an undercover cop, I am definitely not an undercover cop in real life. I've played many shooters, never do I plan on shooting someone in real life. Games are just a stress-relieving tool, and if anyone takes them too seriously, or gets addicted, it's the person's fault, not the game's.

  • Yes, video games are harmful.

    Video games have definitely changed the way people interact with each other. Instead of playing board games, or doing other activities that encourage really socializing, people will sit down and play video games. Video games also can desensitize people to violence, because they're not just witnessing it, but also participating in it. There are plenty of video games that aren't violent and are tame, but video games still take away time that used to be spent with face to face interaction.

  • Eyesight and hearing

    Do we want to harm people's eyesight and hearing? The people started from, " do you play video games?" to "what video games do you like?".
    Tetris syndrome and illnesses and EVEN death can be involved, therefore video games are harmful to people, especially kids. Do you want them to suffer?

  • Eyesight as a defense?

    Ok, I was not born with great vision, so I do wear glasses. Do I play a lot of video games? Yes. Should the 2 be linked? To some degree, yes, but is it detrimental to your health? No. The damage to your eyes is only as bad what you get from reading a book or watching TV. Now, on to the benefits:

    Better Reflexes- Many things happen quickly in video games, so it builds up your quick thinking in your brain. This translates to better critical moment thinking

    Better Multitasking- Many games have you focus on several things like your health bar, the enemy, your controller, weapon, etc. This gives gamers an edge when multitasking because thy can focus on 8-10 things effectively at once rather than the usual 3-4.

    Mental Release- Games allow you to escape realty and focus on something other than the real world. This means that you can take your anger out in a peaceful manner by means of escape.

  • Video games don't really do anything.

    The video game debate is on of the longest running and most debated. And personally, I don't get it. People argue that video games make people violent, but that's like saying Golf makes someone outdoorsy. Sure, golfers like to be outside, but golf didn't do it. Chances are, these people already liked the outdoors and now they like playing golf too. The same thing can be said about the connection between video games and violence. Video games don't make kids violent, but kids with anger issues have a tendency to play video games.

    As for video games doing good, I'm not sure if I can agree with that either. Sure, games like Portal & Hitman require some mental work and can help with strategic thinking, most video games don't do anything else. Most gamers will argue that a video game is a form of stress relief, but I disagree. Video games, like sports, are an activity that requires focus. Like sports players, gamers will get stressed about losing a game.

    People argue "But gamers get mad about other things too!" Which, yes. They do. But sports player will get mad about similar stuff. Shutting off a TV or console would be to gamers what a game getting cancelled mid-game is too sports players. Gamers yell, so do sports players. I think you get where I'm going.

    I'm not arguing that games are perfectly fine, I'm saying they're about as useless and stress inducing as pretty much anything else.

  • YOu scrubs s

    You scrubs video games are great and if you say they aren't your just some nerd or idiot who doesn't know how to play. There is actually no scientific evidence for video games being harmful. IF U SAID YES YOU ARE A SCRUB. -(----------- -(------------ -(-------------- -(----------- . . .

  • Electromagnetic waves that comes out from video games are very harmful.

    Electromagnetic waves are invisible.So it is more dangerous.
    I may say that it causes many pains to your body.
    For example, there are muscle pains,
    lack of vitamin D, and sleep deprivations.
    This waves come out from video games, so video games do more harm than good.Will you spend time doing video games?

  • Video games are a way of getting away from the stressful thing called life

    I learned my keyboard by playing video games. Video games have also taught me the importance of teamwork. Also games like portal really get your brain moving so you can progress the story, and finally video games have taught me more things than schools. That is why I feel they do ore good than bad.

  • No Way Hozey!

    Playing video-games isn't bad. Being addicted to a video-game is a different story. It isn't bad if you play it for around 40-80 mins a day. Once it gets bigger than that and you're on it every day isn't doing any good. Ok? Ok. Ok? Ok. Ok? Ok. Ok? OKAY!

  • Fortnite is fun

    Fortnite is a big game and its not bad at all its really fun it helps you focus and for all the dumbasses that say videogames are bad suck on this. But anyway videogames help with sress cause nothings better than coming home from a long day of work sitting back drinking some koolaid and playing videogames.

  • They are good in moderation

    Video games have been proven to be beneficial to the health of their audience. A study had a group of young people play Mariokart for 30 mins a day over 2 months, And afterward found that areas of their brains had grown. However violent or sexist games can imprint upon people so can be a bad idea.

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