Do video games have a negative impact on people today?

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  • Addiction is a problem

    I would say that it's been pretty well proven that video games have led to addiction in many, and as such breed unhealthy habits. I'm a big fan of video games, but I also know I've experienced bouts of addiction to them. Everything in moderation, though many games seem to make it much more necessary to play longer in order to thoroughly enjoy the game. Doesn't help.

  • No they do not.

    Video games do not have a negative impact on people today. In today's society video games are not just played by geeks and nerds, but by a lot of people. It is because they require a certain amount of skill that allows us to think critically and adjust the way we would normally see things helping us to see outside the box and solve problems in new and interesting ways.

  • Video games aren't the problem

    Video games' main purpose is for fun. Some games can make a child angry and that's why there are restrictions which every parent decides whether or not to follow. So after all if you are a parent and you let your kid play games which are addicting you are the main reason for him becoming angry or anything like that. I personally enjoy gaming a lot and I have no problems with my personality or any kind of problem connected with playing games I enjoy.

  • No not even COD

    Video games cant have a negative impact. Sure there addictive, but the game gets progressively harder and you usually have to put it down. Games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield,
    And Grand Theft Auto, are a way to release anger not become violent. Studies have shown that video games don't make you violent or anti-social.

  • No, not inherently

    The two main problems I see with video games in society today are addiction and the psychological effects of some games (like call of duty, god of war, etc......) that are "believed" to adversely effect players, causing them to mimic simulated actions in real life.

    The first issue really points back to the parents if the person playing the video games is a minor. If parents fail to teach their children to play in moderation then most if not all of the blame is on them. Such addiction can also lead to negative impacts on the child's social life as well which will only hurt them as they get older.

    The second issue really deals with knowing, acknowledging, and acting on the warning signs of a gamer who constantly wants to act out what they play. Of course the signs aren't clear cut but if you suspect some type of mental delusion, then it is important to contact a physician who can help. I need not remind everyone how this type of delusion can claim innocent lives.

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  • No I don't think so.

    I must say that it entirely depends on the individual. If one learns to have self-control or discipline, nothing is able to stop them from getting influenced by video games. But if one get succumbed to temptation, there is nothing else to blame but themselves. After all, games are not a bane of our existence.

    Certain games are designed to be prolific in a some ways, such as the good utilization of vocabulary and the sentence structures. As video games pique the interests of young people, they tend to listen attentively to the way the characters speak and use them in their daily lives.

  • No they don't.

    There is a wide variety of video games and they don't have a negative impact on society. It creates competitiveness and better reaction time for the brain. It actually works parts of the brain which keeps the brain healthy and active. Video games are made for the enjoyment of the users.

  • I don't have an addiction to games and I've been playing it for 18 years.

    I've been playing Video Games on and off for 18 years. Reasons I've gone on and off from it, was because I had school and in my later years work. I never suffered withdrawals.

    I think alt of Studies are not very effective in understanding why or if a person gets addicted. Would a person consider that the individual is at fault or is it the fault of a parental figure? Because everything in moderation is okay and wont harm the individual. Now, who sets up the rules for what gets put in moderation? Wouldn't it be the parents or guardians? You could Feed your children candy alt more then any other kid, would they be addicted to sweets? If so is that the child's fault or the parents who gave them the sweets?

    I think video games is a form of entertainment as the same as for movies and books. Can watching to much movies or reading to many books lead to anti-social behaviour?

    From personal experience, I've probably met better online then in person. Having a social atmosphere in a video game brings a new level entertainment, is a good thing I think. Due to the reason that society makes it hard to develop relationships in the real world due to the fact that society tends to put people in levels of social groups. Sure you can say if stopped playing video games and go out and socialize, but that still wont change the fact people out there are ruthless and people in a video game isn't.

    Thus I don't think it has a negative one, but a positive one.

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