Do video games have a positive (yes) or negative (no) effect on the audience and their original intention?

  • I do think

    I think video games are good for you because they help you understand things or help with things that you may not know about. Mostly I think video games are good for you.Also the app you should use that help you in math is Math games that's a good website

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  • Yes they are

    I often feel quite tired at the end of the day so after doing my home work and going to any after school activities I often look for an enjoyable way to pass the time. And this my stance on gaming in general they are to pass the time and if you think you can "go pro in cod" you are deluded because the fact is that probably won't work out. They are not a life style unless you start a collection or anything and if
    your a fanboy your not a gamer. How ever if played in MODERATION and balnced with other aspects of your life they help you forget your problems for a few hours and make you feel better

  • It is more positive

    Video games can have a positive or a negative effect on people. As a whole there is more good that comes from them then bad. One should not lose sight of the fact that video games are simply meant as a form of entertainment and should not be taken as anything more than that.

  • Video Games Have Positive Effects on Their Intended Audiences

    Video games absolutely have positive effects on their intended audiences. A 5-year-old can master a "Dora the Explorer" game and have fun. A 10-year-old can conquer a Pokemon game while a teenager can go on a magic quest in "Final Fantasy." So long as a 7-year-old isn't playing "Grand Theft Auto" or "Call of Duty," there is nothing wrong with video games. As with anything, excessive video game playing can be bad as in the case of kids who collapse after 24-hour gaming marathons. But when used properly, video games have positive effects on their intended audiences.

  • Video Games Have Positive Effect on Gamers

    Video games have plenty of positive effects on gamers, but few people are willing to admit that. Games have been shown to increase a person's intelligence and hand-eye coordination. Many games satisfy their audience and give their audiences something to think about. Games provoke thought, and there's nothing wrong with that.

  • Video games are designed to entertain.

    Even though I think people at times tend to take video games a bit too serious, I think overall they succeed in a positive effect. The idea of video games is to entertain someone, and if one is spending a lot of time on their consoles, then they have succeeded.

  • It depends on the game

    There are too many questions and thus this question is way too vague. Some games of course may have a good impact on the people that are playing with them. Some good games could include that of something that is educational in natural. This question should be more specific to get an accurate picture.

  • Mario: how it helped my life.

    Video games do have a positive effect on people. For children, age appropriate games give them hand eye coordination. As a teenage, my parents were going through a divorce. My mom worked all the time and my dad was not there. Video games gave me a way to escape the pain and get lost in something that made me think but not about the bad in my life.

  • Need a lot of work

    As it is, interesting, artistic video games are being made. In the mainstream, I can think of maybe five that came out in the past few years - no, not Bioshock anything - and in the underground, they go woefully ignored. As it is, video games are a timesink and a money sink, although they have the capability to be something closer to a genuine art form, the companies in charge are not interested in anything but making money.

  • No, they are mind-numbing.

    No, video games do ot have a positive effect on the audience, because video games turn people into mush. Playing a video game, a person loses their passion and interests for other things. They forget how to socialize with people. They are not motivated to get their chores done. Video games turn ordinarily good, hardworking people into drones.

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