Do video games interfere with students work?

Asked by: luk3b0y
  • Yes. I agree with this argument.

    Students who study a lot in academies or other places like to play a lot of games. This makes students get addicted and they cannot concentrate when they have a computer next to them. It will only disturb them and eventually no work will be finished. So I agree with this argument.

  • May not interfere with deadlines, but with immersion

    If I had to choose a definite answer, it would be a mild yes. Even though video games may not necessarily interfere with getting homework done on time, I think that a lot of college is about taking time to get lost in subjects and learn on one's own, rather than just meeting deadlines. Unless someone is pursuing a career/major where playing games helps, people who spend the majority of their non-homework time gaming may not spend as much time reflecting on what they have learned and how to apply it.

    Slightly different note: I had a friend who got an extension on a final paper, but missed the extension because he was distracted by League.

  • The problem with students not doing well is not “video games” or “distractions”

    It’s how boring school is! No students are interested in the subject schools teach so in a way yes but the problem to students being distracted is “take away their video games” it’s have more creative and fun ways to teach kids stuff so it’s 10x easier to stay focused! You can’t teach kids something in the most boring way possible and then expect them not to get distracted. So no it’s not video games that keeps them distracted it’s that what’s being taught to them is being taught in a boring way they want to fall asleep that’s whats making them distracted.

  • Not if properly managed

    Anything can interfere with work if not managed properly. Kids need parental regulation, adults can regulate themselves (I would hope anyway). But loads of other things besides video games can interfere with work if not managed. Managing video games very well gives a good balance. All play and no work isn't good, but all work and no play isn't either.

  • No it would not

    Students get all the time they need for homework, they can do it any time, if the student plays video games, let them, but not if they still have work to do. But you should let them have fun, if they don't they'll get bored and angry. If they do, they'll not do their work, but still, give them some time to play.

  • Everyone needs entertainment.

    All work, no play makes a very boring choice of lifestyle. Not to mention extremely stressful. Video games do not interfere with a student's work unless played to an excess, in my opinion. I managed to obtain very good grades while being addicted to video games at the same time.

  • Not in my opinion

    I currently study at college and play video games in my free time however I feel they do not affect my work as long as I put my mind to doing the work until it's done and then allowing myself to play games. Neither me nor the people who I know play games have ever missed or failed a piece of work due to video games getting in the way.

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