• Yes they do

    As myself being a 15 year old,i can clearly tell that when i get too much involved in games i dont care of time,food,people!As this time of my life is most crucial im wasting it in games!Specially the ones such as gta which promote death and drugs!Surely as being a teen i myself i have seen it,experienced it!There is a noticeable change in the behavior,but i think its better if u get outta it before u get too deep in it!But other games which dont have such addictive story lines and stuff like sex and drugs are good :D but kids are driven away to the violent and sex games more!

  • Yes they can

    Video games contain a lot of violence, our children are being desensitised to this violence, many dont react to death, fighting and killing because they do it all day in their video games.

    Also excessive video game playing means they lose time they could be doing other important developmental activities such as playing outside. Exersize, interacting with others and so on.

  • Video games are bad for their eyes

    A research which had been done by a scientist from Malaysia,Ahmad Anan tells that 89% of children's eyes are effected by the video games and from here we know that video games are bad for children.I think there must be a new law which is, whoever are playing video games should be punished.

  • Well,of course they do!!!

    I can see the effects of video games on my friends,classmates and,although I hate to admit it,me...

    We have gotten more violent and vulgar,spouting profanities and getting aggressive over minor matters,such as even LOSING TO THE OTHER TEAM IN SOCCER!!So,obviously video games cause bad behavior.If you want to disagree,you better have a VERY GOOD argument.

  • Yes they do

    As myself being a 11 year old i play lots of video games, and i have had a change is my behavior. I started to get a real bad mouth. Children at a young age are not able to see the different between reality and fiction. When i started playing i didnt care for anything but the video game.

  • Yes, they model what they see.

    Yes, video games really cause bad behavior in children, because they copy the behavior that they see. Video games give children the option to behave poorly, because they see violence and believe that it is how people behavior. Children at a young age are not able to see the different between reality and fiction.

  • YES.I know the changes.

    As an everyday gamer, I have firsthand experience and although I hate to admit it, I can sense the change in my behavior. I also know some friends who have changed too, and furthermore, if you still don't believe it, there are reports of those online and in newspapers, occasionally.

  • Games Cause Aggression

    You may not realise it in your 15 year old brains but by the second that you are playing games you are experiencing different events that are likely to be inappropriate. These games can make teenagers obnoxious, audacious and unrestrained causing violence or inner anger. Yes, video games can be educational or teach you a thing or two but on the other hand they can influence violence, killing, stealing and drugs. There are actually so many people playing video games now that at least 1/10 children have an inclination to violence. Teenagers need to realise that video games are just for entertainment and non-reality based.

  • Do not knw

    The games cause the bad behavior in a few. Bad behavior may come from many causes. It may be a trait already within you. Probably something that just flows through the family. It can also be the violent video games that kids get attracted to. When the games have a lot of violence for example shooting, killing, and stealing, it can interest many teens out there. When it interests them, they can play on for hours with all the excitement they have, but when they get interested too far, they can go a little over the border. Some kids may want to probably try how it feels to do violence, or others may take it as a fun things to do. There are many reasons why video games, can lead to violence.

  • Bad behavior in children really cause bad behavior in children

    As myself has been 12 year old i can easily tell that when i get too much involved in games ! I really donot care about food time and as whell as people !As this time of my life is most crucial and i am wasting it in games children cause bad behavior because they copy the beahvioer that they have seen vidio games give option tooo bahave poorly because they see the voilence and belive how the people behave so i do really belive that viedio game really cause bad behavior in children well i do not have .........Any proof the blame place on viedio games or tv is truly discusting for me !!!!!!!! I think that bad behavior caused by bad parenting

  • Depends on the situation

    Now however "bad behavior" is defined here, I'd say they can cause it, but that doesn't mean they actually do.
    It depends on the situation. If let a 10-year old play games with excessive violence and questionable morals actions, surely that is going to have a rather negative impact. But if you give the kid a game that is appropriate for its age, then this won't cause any harm. Considered you also make sure it doesn't spent too much time playing video games.
    You can't just say video games, by there nature, cause bad behavior.
    You have to make sure the kids play only for a limited time and only games they can understand. There is a reason video games have an age rating and a parental advisory sticker.
    So you can't blame the games or their developers, but rather the parents that let it happen and don't care what they're kids are doing. Now, of course there are ways for the children to get the games via internet or from friends without the parents knowing about it, and I don't say you should spy on your kids, but if you actually care about how much time your kids spent in front of the PC/ gaming console, that usually prevents the worst.
    To sum it up, excessive and inappropriate playing of video games can and likely will have a negative impact on behavior, as almost any other activity has, too, but if you do it in a healthy way, then it won't cause any harm.

  • There exist two extremes on this issue.

    One extreme is people who pretend that there is absolutely nothing wrong with games and that they don't contribute to any bad behaviors. The other extreme? Well, those people manage to really take the cake in absolutely destroying every little bit of their credibility. The last time we had this topic a rather gigantic proportion of people arguing that they did cause bad behavior in children weren't so much arguing that video games can cause some legitimate behavior problems, but that they cause people to commit murder. We can't just have an actual dialogue about video games and their issues, no, we have to fly right off the handle and accuse them of playing a part in people being killed.

    You know, here's a little lesson on thinking critically: You can't just randomly list off something someone did as a hobby before they commited the murder and assume that it had any relevance. 'Oh no, mister Jim murdered some guy and he was playing a video game before hand!'

    Complete gibberish. I'm pretty sure he did a great number of things besides playing video games before he murdered someone. Like, maybe he had sex, maybe he baked some muffins, maybe he had lucky charms for breakfast, or maybe he even listened to some pop music. What, would you ever blame Lucky Charms for him committing an act of homicide/murder if he just so have happened to eat it before hand? No, you wouldn't. Because that logic is absolutely absurd.

    And you know, I've heard this song before. Really, I am no stranger. The media loves their sensationalist trash and they've always been using some art form or hobby as a scape goat. Heavy metal causes people to commit suicide! DND causes people to become delusional and murder people! Rock and Roll is the music of the devil! Derp Derp Derp Dee Derp.

    If there is one issue video games do bring, it would be that they haven't done our attention spans or our patience any favors. But, I would be willing to argue that games alone aren't at fault in this. Computers too are like this. When your brain gets stimulation or when an action gets instantaneous input, then of course we have higher standards in how quickly we can receive information. A teacher goes on and on about a subject for an hour versus a video game or the internet being straight on point in a matter of minutes.

    Society just doesn't have the patience it used to have. T.V, internet, and video games have all played their fault, and we simply cannot blame one of them.

  • No, probably not.

    There's no evidence suggesting that video games cause children to become violent. It's just...There are so many people who play violent games that there is a high probability that at least one person will have a predisposition to violence. Saying video games cause people to become violent is akin to saying driving a car turns people into drunk drivers who kill people.

  • Video Games Aren't The Problem

    I personally do not believe that video games are the problem. In today's society, Violence is common and nearly everyone has seen it somewhere or another, But not always in the virtual world, Maybe in real life they've seen it, So you can't blame video games for all of the bad things that kids do. And yes, I do believe that children are less respectful and have a higher tendency to do negative things, But that's just how it is. Society is evolving. So are you gonna be caught up in the past or embrace the now?

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  • Bad behavior is learnt from the parents lack of teaching their children, not by the game itself.

    Just because a game is violent or cruel, doesn’t mean the child will be the same way. Many studies actually suggest that video games may be great for brain growth and development. The parents have to understand that THEY may be the reason behind their child’s behavior because they didn’t teach their child something crucial in their life. The main reason people say video games are “bad” is because they can’t trust the technology. It’s the same with strangers. Just because you don’t trust one stranger doesn’t mean all strangers aren’t trustworthy. Some people just need to embrace the technology and understand it for them selves. Violent games do not equal violent children.

  • Video games do cause some type of bad habits but it’s not the video games fault, it’s the parents who dont teach their kids otherwise.

    Going through past arguments as I pass through the pro side is that they, as kids, sometimes find themselves unable to control themselves. My ideology is that the parents weren’t able to teach their kids to protect themselves and control themseleves. My dad play GTA and he doesn’t act out or say curse words or etc, he’s one the nicest people ever. My experience growing up was that my dad taught me to have my own values. Set my own limit.

  • Vedio games are not to be blamed

    I do study a lot of surveys made by scintists. To be clear vedio games don’t affect behaviour. In fact they promote group activity and courdination. Violence is something that only occurs when a child is disturbed or is not comfortable whit his life. Sometimes bad parenting is also a cause. If vedio games are played with moderation like half or 1 hour a day they can do nothing but good

  • It depends on how the parents handle their children

    In my opinion, video games are good for children imagination. Kids can be more creative. Somehow, parents need to control their children activities. There are various types of video games, may be parents can guide their children do's and don'ts . For example, let the parents buy an appropriate games for their children.

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