Do video games teach children any valuable lessons?

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  • Yes, Depending on the Type of Video Game

    Educational video games teach children valuable information and hand-eye coordination; however violent video games teach nothing of value. It is up to parents to ensure that their children are using the proper kind of video games and not learning violence from them. Video games can be a valuable classroom tool if used properly.

  • Yes, children learn many lessons from video games.

    Yes, video games teach children valuable lessons. MMOs, or massively multiplayer online role-playing games, teach children the benefits of team play and cooperation. Other games that have timed puzzles or lots of jumping increase hand eye coordination and finger dexterity. In fact, pilots and doctors use video games for these exact reasons. Finally, most video games are based on problem solving, so children learn, in many cases, to think through problems logically.

  • Yes, video games teach children valuable lessons.

    Some, but not all, video games teach children valuable lessons. Because not all video games are crated equally, parents must involve themselves in the process of selecting suitable video games for their children. Through the selection of video games with beneficial elements, including those with educational components, time spent by children playing these games is not wasted.

  • Video games teach children how to solve problems.

    Video games are often made up of levels that become increasingly difficult as players progress through them. Gamers must become more creative in figuring out how to defeat a level and move onto the next. In essence, each level is a puzzle that must be solved before moving on in the game. Video games, therefore, do teach valuable problem solving lessons.

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