• Less video games more outdoors

    Being outside can create a great lifestyle for example if you spent more time being active you would be mentally and physically healthier than a person who spent most of they're days on play station. I believe that people who play video games are more likely to waste time and not get things done.


    Vid games are such brain squishing its sickening I mean your family is there for a reason aren't you supposed to be social with your fam it's kind of important they seem to support you through forever life if you spend time with them they get used to you and they get to know your style

  • A b c

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    What is wrong with this sentence?
    Today i went to the the pet shop and brought many fishes and all of the the fish foods.

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  • Yes, video games are a time waster.

    While video games are fast-paced and highly entertaining, they easily become time wasters. For most people, time flies by when they are playing video games. Soon that becomes time that was meant to be doing something else. Video games also encourage sitting for long periods, which is not good for a person's health.

  • Video Games, NOT a waste of time.

    In terms of socializing I think gaming can still be good for anyone who wants to make a friend or just someone to talk to with the help of the game which can provide anyone with a common interest to talk without the anxiety of talking to someone face to face and also just have fun playing the game, For example I find it a lot easier to talk to my friends when we have a game that we can discuss and enjoy playing this can provide great memories which can't be provided when we don't have anything in front of us leading to awkward moments. It is good for those who have trouble socializing as in terms of being an introvert, Is seen as a bad thing in today's society but it is not necessarily a bad thing and I think gaming can help the time go by for those in these situations.

    Bringing up the Opponents argument for getting exercise and personal health, I do agree that since we have so many youngsters from this generation going on tablets rather than go outside and play. My argument is that gaming can provide those with issues with their personal look and body can use gaming in the genre of exercising games such as the Wii fit because many don't enjoy doing it in public.

    For many gaming is a way to help them with their problems in their lives and I think that it is at least a better choice than smoking or masturbating because I think it is easier to control than those options and a better alternative. It can be an type of art for some such as such story driven games like the Walking dead series or Journey which can suck people in their worlds and show them what they have to offer I feel like the time shown in these games make the time gone by worth it and therefore they have used this time well.

    I can see that some do take gaming to an extreme such as the people that do nothing but play for almost 24 hours a day all the time and I know this is unhealthy but there is an extreme for everything and I think this is gaming's 'extreme'. But for those who spend a fair amount of time just wandering in a game for an open world game or beating levels in a plat-former just the time spent can be looked back upon without shame or regret.

  • Video games are not a waste of time.

    Video games are often a learning tool. These games can increase reaction time, instill self-confidence, and teach teamwork. Video games, in particular MMORPG's (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) have been used with great success in formal school settings as a teaching tool. These games aid in the teaching of language arts, problem solving, project management and resource management. Several games have instructional materials and lesson plans for teachers. Those who play video games display greater ability in spatial navigation, three-dimensional thinking and navigation. Video games are currently being used to train surgeons, as studies have found that surgeons who play video games have a greater skill in laparoscopic surgery and suturing. Video games are not a waste of time.

  • No, video games can be beneficial in moderation

    Video games can be addicting. However, if a person doesn't use video games to neglect other duties, there can be benefits to playing video games. Video games help people relax or blow off steam after a hard day of work, and they can also improve your memory and other brain functions.

  • Video games are a good diversion when not played too frequently.

    People need hobbies and forms of relaxation. For some, video games serve this purpose. As such, they are not a waste of people's time. Like drugs and alcohol, however, when played too frequently, they can become addictive and disruptive to people's lives. This is the line at which video games become a nuisance rather a harmless form of entertainment and a way to unwind.

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