• Yes, I think so.

    Violent video games have been blamed for school shootings, increase in bullying, violence towards women, and other criminal behavior and it becomes severely addictive! Ninety percent of twelve to seventeen years old in the U.S played video games in 2008, thus fueling the video game industry. In2008, ten of the top twenty best selling video games in the U.S contained violence.

  • Yes, they do.

    Video games both neutralise and glorify violence with rewards for doing so. Children playing these games for several hours feel the need to act this way, to express what they have seen, through basic kinetic learning. This is seen to be acceptable and gives confidence to then act this way towards others.

  • Twisted thoughts

    When children and/or adults play violent video games, they tend to corrupt those people in some way. Once those activities they partake in on the game has registered in their brain, it messes with their malfunction. It causes them to think horrible thoughts of others whenever they get angry. I say this, only because this is what has happened to a friend of mines, as well as my younger brother. However, I cannot say that that applies to everyone who plays, but I'm sure it happens to a majority of people who play. I do not know the statistics nor percentage of criminal acts actually pursed by those vilent video games, that's why I cannot say that this applies to everyone.

  • To some extent yes!!

    I regularly play computer games and i do believe that playing violent games makes a certain psychological impact on a person. Also any outdoor or indoor violent games inflict a sense of anger and develop a violent mentality in you. This is not just applicable to kids, it holds true of everyone.

  • Violent Games Do Not Cause Behavioral Problems

    No, violent games do not cause behavioral problems. If anything, the opposite is true. A violent game can be an outlet for letting go of destructive tendencies that may otherwise occur. When one commits a violent act in a violent game, it may help to release tensions that were building up that may spill over into the real world in other situations.

  • End the blame!

    I have to say no, for violent video games have no control over the way we think or act. As children, we have been introduced to such games, but it is our parents' responsibility to make us aware that what we are playing is only fictional--if we were given access to such games to begin with. I can say when I was growing up, I played mature games and never once had any violent thoughts. Not only that, but my parents told me never to take the games seriously, that what I was seeing was only an imagination brought to life in a video game. However, if the gamer is unstable or has a few screws loose, then perhaps that could be an issue. The majority of people play not only violent video games, but also watch violence on movies and shows and they are all calm and collected. What we see is not real! Companies that make the games have no control over who purchases them and how they react to it. So again, no, I do not think it is right to blame violent games for violent problems or acts. The individual is to blame. Period!

  • No I don't think it does.

    It all depends on who is playing it's not the games fault that the gamer is unstable or messed up in the head. The companies that make these "violent video games" don't control who buys them or plays them. I believe it all starts a home. These games are just game: fake people, fake stories, fake money, fake everything. These games are not the starter kit to being a mass murderer. It's the way the gamer reactions. These games are not only thing that violent too. People often forget of the movies and television shows that are way more violent than these games. Plus the people that don't want other people playing these games are parents that don't want their kids playing these games. HELLO PARENTS YOU ARE IN CHARGE not your child, you say what flies and what doesn't. These violent video games are "mature audience" only so people that are 18 and older, not 13 years old like you "yes" people say, are allowed to buy them. These games can damage the mind of a really young kid or an unstable person not just anybody. It's not like these video game companies let anybody buy their games.

  • No, the correct term is "influence"

    People are just robots that can be programmed? Then what's the point of worrying or caring about anything? If that's the case then nothing really matters and we should just forget about caring about anything.
    People make CHOICES. A person chooses to misbehave. Other things such as video games, mood, etc... only INFLUENCE the decision, they don't CAUSE it.
    In fact messages like this may influence people to deny personal responsibility for their behavior.

  • No it doesn't cause problems.

    Violent video games don't affect the way you think or the way you act. It might affect some certain people who are mentally unstable but it doesn't affect a normal person. I play a lot of "Mature" games and I haven't been affected at all. It doesn't mess with the way you think or act.

  • No, they dont.

    No video games can cause behavioral problems. It all depends on who is playing the games. Everyone has their own quirks. So, everyone reacts differently to certain games. It could also be that some kids just react badly. NO violent video games cause behavioral problems, it just depends on the kids.

  • Not at all

    Video games don't cause kids to have behavior problems because it is very likely that those kids that do act out would have acted that way whether they played video games or not. Most people are not going to go out killing people because they did in a video game. Different people react to things in different ways but video games are not the cause of their behaviors.

  • I would say the opposite.

    I have played probably the most violent game, Grand Theft Auto, many times and love it, but I still know that killing people is wrong. Not once have I thought violently towards other human beings. People's violence stems from our parents. They have the most influence on us. If they act violent, their kids will act violent.

  • If this was true 80% of the country would be violent criminals

    For heavens sake, NO! Lots of children – and adults – play games in which there is imaginary violence. The vast majority of us also see violence in movies and on television. Only a small percentage commit actual violence, because most gamers see games as what they are – games: imaginary worlds in which imaginary characters have imaginary battles. No one ever argues that violent sports cause violence; even though athletes like football players and boxers are often involved in lawsuits for violent crimes. Nor do video games generally cause head trauma. Should we pose a limit on how violent a game can get? For the sake of deceny, yes, not because it will turn kids into killing machines. This argument needs to stop.

  • No they don't.

    The people that say yes see it differently then a gamer would. A gamer thinks these games are just a way of taking out anger or just making you feel better, while people that think they do cause problems are seeing at a encouraging you to do something bad even though that's not the case. Now I'm not saying that the violence of GTA should be showed to a small child, but stuff like zelda shows that they are killing bad things and not innocent bystanders. Once people get to a certain age I would say that stuff like GTA are more understood because they know not to do such things in real life.

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