Do violent movies influence real-life gun violence?

  • It is patently obvious.

    To say that entertainment gun play does not influence real life gun violence is the ignore the overwhelming clue to the truth of it. I will just pose this. Why are companies so willing to pay multi millions to portray their products in the mass media, often depicting how you will be improved or more powerful or more successful if you associate yourself with the product. The answer is because they know it works. Then learn about the bell curve as it relates to human responses to psychological suggestion. Then Think.

  • Violent movies have an indirect influence on gun violence by numbing viewer response to tragedy.

    Although violent movies do not directly impact gun violence, they do have an indirect influence by numbing viewer response to it through consistent exposure to horrific events. When viewers watch a movie, they know it is not real, so they don't respond with the same level of shock as they would in a real life situation. Eventually, however, the response to violence becomes so minimal, that lines can be crossed and reality and fiction transposed.

  • I think it does influence real-life gun violence.

    While movies are not the reason for gun-violence, it can promote it. Kids see this and think it is "cool" and they emulate this. Stars are idolized by children, teens, and they want to be like their favorite actor. This does not mean, however, that movies are the cause, only the influence.

  • I think it does influence real-life gun violence.

    While movies are not the reason for gun-violence, it can promote it. Kids see this and think it is "cool" and they emulate this. Stars are idolized by children, teens, and they want to be like their favorite actor. This does not mean, however, that movies are the cause, only the influence.

  • Personally, i think violene in film promote the violene in real life.

    Actually, children are really curious and sensive. Coz though they quickly immerse something new, they tend to capture their film idol who have terrible actions. They inconciously do violence without distinguish whether it is...Inevitably, they ignored their parents s curfews because of highly being narcissism....They look down people around them.

  • Most definitely not!

    Violence in video games and movies is just that; Violence in a game or movie. If media violence encourages violent behavior every gamer would be out committing crimes. Violent behavior is caused significantly by the lack of values, morals and ethics kids are raised with today. Saying that media violence causes violent behavior is like saying Forks and Food cause obesity. It's like saying Whiskey and Beer causes drunk driving. How about putting the blame where the blame is due? Individual and Personal Responsibility for your actions!

  • Coming from a person who plays violent games and watches violent movies for a living.

    I spend at least eight hours a day playing violent games and watching violent movies. It is my job to play games, and I prefer violent ones. I do not, however condone real life violence, I have never thought to hurt, much less kill any person for any reason. I have many other friends who do the same thing, none of us are murderers.

  • What I don't see is people examining the family life and psychological status of the individual.

    Did you know that more property crimes occur than violent crimes. If this is true, then that debunks the question. If violent movies caused violence in people, then we would have millions of murderers on the loose. What I don't understand is people blame video games or violent movies for violent crimes when in reality, we've never taken a look of how that person was raised. Maybe that person had a horrible childhood and just let loose on his/her anger. If violent movies influenced real violence, then people would just be angry beings all the time. That's like blaming spoons for making people fat. As a filmmaker, I find that people who are opposed to violent video games don't appreciate art. Art isn't always nicey nice. Art can be beautifully tragic as well.

  • Not to any high degree.

    Your average person is not inspired to pick up a gun and shoot somebody, just because he or she saw it in a movie. While there are SOME people who are stupid and/or impressionable enough to think they should act out scenes from films, those people are a small enough minority that they do not make any statistical difference.

  • We need empirical evidence.

    I would need to see empirical evidence to support this assertion. Studies could be done that could compare children exposed to violent movies and those that haven't, and see if it causes people to be more violent. Violent movies are all over the world, and mass shooting don't seem to be a world problem.

  • No It Doesn't

    Violent movies does not influence or encourage real life gun violence. People are able to make the distinction of fiction and real life, and how gun violence in the real world can do much more harm. Violent movies do not have much to do with the gun problems in the real world.

  • It dosent support gun violence.

    If ther was no violence in movies there would be no good movies. No disney no superhero movies and no action movies. Action is a genre for a reason if it was bad for people under 12 it is up for there parnet to let them see that movie at all.

  • If they (movies, Games, Ect. ) cause violent behavior

    Then most gamers would have committed mass murder. By now our species would be driven to near extinction. And there would be no power because of that. My point is movies video games tv shows don't make people violent because if it did then four year olds would be murders.

  • The movies themselves aren't the real problem.

    I don't think it's the violent movies themselves that are responsible for such violence. Let's take the movie 'Natural Born Killers' for example. That film always gets brought up when discussing whether or not movie violence influences youngsters.

    While I acknowledge violent movies can influence a persons behaviour to some degree and those films are 18-rated for a very good reason (In the UK at least), but to suggest that movies alone can turn a perfectly well behaved kid into a psychotic serial killer is just ridiculous in my opinion. There have been a handful of crimes allegedly influenced by NBK, but almost all of them involved a history of abuse and/or existing mental health issues. Basically my point is that if those people were messed up to begin with, then anything could have influenced them, like violent images they see on the news, sick and twisted things they find on the internet, the abuse they may see in their everyday lives.....The list goes on.

    And also an issue that occurred to me of old childrens cartoons that might be deemed inappropriate by todays standards. When I was a kid, for example, I watched 'Superted' and I heard it was going to be remade a while back, but there were issues involving the main villain, who is an armed cowboy.

    I understand what they're trying to do, but I don't think sheltering children from cartoons with even the briefest appearance of a gun is going to solve the issue. Because in this day and age with the internet and videos on youtube that youngsters can easily access and pass around at school, you don't know what they might come across.

    I think if parents feel it's appropriate to show their kids programmes and films with guns in them, they should watch it with them and have a frank discussion about what they watched and make it very clear to them that guns are not toys, they're dangerous and they can kill people.

    I watched the Batman and Spiderman cartoons as a kid. Because they're superheroes, there was a clear sense of right and wrong and they're the characters a kid would look up to, and even if those cartoons had guns, those characters never used them.

    Basically my point is that I feel the real issue is parenting, and that instead of trying to shelter your children from anything gun-related, they should talk with their kids about it and make it clear to them from a young age that guns are not cool, they are not toys and they can kill people. Because they will inevitably find out about those things at some point in their life, so I think it's important to address those issues so it's made absolutely clear to them. But that does not mean I encourage parents to let a seven-year-old watch a Quentin Tarantino movie, his movies are R rated/18 rated for a very good reason.

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