Do violent protesters deserve to get Coronavirus?

  • Since they didn't follow guidelines and took the risk

    Sure having covid is not a good thing and nobody actually "Deserves" it but also the businesses don't deserve to have their private property destroyed. However if they risk themselves just to go destroy some innocent businesses and they get covid then they kinda made their own bed with it and since they didn't steer clear they deserve to face the consequences of their actions.

  • No why should they get corona virus

    The protesters in covid situation are also risking life for good of the country then nothing can be better than this. . . The government should simply stop taking impulsive wrong actions so it doesn't face any protests and people don't get more chance of getting covid gathering in mass and people should use social media in covid times to protest. . .

  • Clowns Clowns Clowns

    Why should we even ask this question. Are we even going to get sincere responses. Well nobody deserves to get COVID but they will get it if they don't follow the health guidelines or purposely try to get it. So if your mass gathering, Then the risks are higher than before.

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