• Well, mostly, I suppose.

    It may not provoke a kid to throw things around, get upset, or throw a temper tantrum, but it can change emotions very quick. Video games have a strange ability to bring all your attention to the screen (this is especially true for violent video games). When you say "violent video games", I assume you mean shooting games, which are very competitive for kids. If they spend a lot of time on said video games, it can be the only thing they think about throughout their day. I could go into a full info-splosion about the human brain and competition, but I won't for now. I can understand from a child's point of view, seeing a "game over" or "you died" screen constantly can be extremely frustrating. They don't like the immediate failure right in their face, and "killcams" don't really contribute to making them feel happier. This may be one reason why parents limit screen time, because it can control your emotions in a surprising way.

  • It does not!

    Games at times, I know in certain situations it may seem like videos games is what causes kids to crazy, but in reality do yo really know that its the game that causes all that insanity? How do you know its not the parents or the environment that the child is living in? Games is what allows people of all ages to take out their anger on virtual creatures or people, it allows them to do things they cant normally do in the Real world. In that way I believe that in many ways video games may be the cause to calm kids down, and the anger and madness is cause of other matters outside of the video games.

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