• I say that violent video games do cause bad behavior

    I say that because they learn how to control weapons.They can cause violence.
    For example on December 14, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School, including 20 children they blame violent video games for this violence .,This is why I think that violent video games cause violence

  • Yes violent videos games cause bad behavior

    I think that violent videos games cause bad behavior because when they get addicted to it, it makes the kid or teen or whomever is playing it want to try it. When they want to try it they have bad behavior which can cause problems and you never know when they grow up they could try to do whatever they did in that game. This also applies especially to people with mental disabilities that don't really care about what they are doing.

  • Yes it does

    Violent video games do cause violence!
    Look up the games:
    Grand Theft Auto
    Call of Duty Ghosts
    Modern Warfare 3
    These are all examples . Also to have another example, Google Adam Lanza. For more information look up Do violent Video Games Contribute To Violence In Children? You are welcome.

  • Yes, video games can desensitize people.

    Video games can desensitize people to certain things that they witness when playing them, such as violence and negative behavior towards women. Another thing that exposure to too much media can do is to shorten the attention span, or even cause addiction and feeling a need to play. That being said, video games aren't all bad, and there are games that are harmless, and people can play responsibly and lessen their chances of video games impacting them negatively.

  • Violent Video games do cause bad behavior

    Violent Video games do cause bad behavior because when people get addicted to it they could try it. Lots of people get addicted to call of duty and that has a lot of violent things in it. When kids try it it could be very dangerous because they might want to look at a gun and then accidentally shoot themselves or try to shoot someone else. Especially those who might have mental disabilities like down syndrome because if they want to try it, it could be a problem! Like the person who killed all of those people at Sandy Hook he had a mental disability and might wanted to do something that he did in a video game and committed that

  • Yes, video games influences a child's natural behavior

    In my humble opinion, I believe video games does influence a child's manners and behavior...
    Now-a-days, electronic light screen is in contact with our eyes more than sunlight is (you're looking at E-light right now) and it's sad that kid's childhood right now is killing people in Call of duty, or steal cars in Grand Theft Auto. That's what they do after school. (at least most of my friends).
    9-10 years old cursing, not obeying their parents. E.T.C -.-

  • Yes it does

    The more kids and teenagers play these games they think it is okay to imitate the video game. They become immune to violence and sooner or later they will start taking violent actions themselves . Games like call of duty show you ways to use guns , which makes teenagers or kids to become curious to try it . It's just like the shootings we hear about that happen in schools ,if you hear their background information ,some of the kids who have been apart of school shootings have played violent video games.

  • No, bad behavior has other causes

    I disagree that violent video games cause bad behavior. Bad behavior has many different causes. These causes mainly narrow down to the nature of a person and the environment they grew up in. A person who comes from a home that does not instill discipline may produce someone more violent. Also, some people are genetically predetermined to be bad. As much as the media likes to say otherwise, bad behavior is caused by environment and genetics.

  • Video games do not cause bad behavior

    No, I do not believe that video games cause bad behavior, people chose to be bad. Video games do not raise a person, at least they shouldn't, so I can say that they cause bad behavior. Parents should ensure that their children understand that games are not real and the actions found within the game will hurt anyone that tries them.

  • I don’t think that violent video games cause bad behavior.

    I don’t think that violent video games cause bad behavior. I think that bad kids just behave badly. Even if video games didn’t exist, the bad
    kids would still do bad things. Bad kids
    were doing bad things before video games were created. Video games shouldn’t be the scapegoat for
    bad kids.

  • I think that it is no.

    Just because kids play violent games, doesn't mean that they are going to do it in real life. Usually it is just a crazy person trying to get attention.Also, they think that it would be "fun" because they are phys-cos. In my opinion, I think that 1 out of 1 billion would go out and shoot a person if their video games were taken away.

  • No it does not.

    Violent video games do not cause bad behavior unless the person playing it is easily manipulated by the things they see or hear. If that is the case though than it is a special case that can not be taken into account for the majority of people who play violent video games.

  • No I do not think Violent video games promotes bad behavior problems except...

    For most statistics Children with psychiological problems or mental illnesses tend to be prone more to violence from wacthing or playing video games than children with normal behaivior and mental health. Even with all these teenager mass chootings video games are just a scapegoat to parents because of the violence in them. First off video games have ratings and contenet info on the game it is your fault for not reading THE FINE PRINT!

  • Just A Form Of Entertainment

    I do not believe violent video games cause bad behavior. Violent video games are seen as a form of entertainment by their consumers and nothing more. I believe bad behavior is the product of environment, upbringing, and hereditary impulses. Video games don't make people act in a certain way and assuming they do is harmful to society.

  • It really depends on the person

    Video games, just like movies, contain a certain rating. If the game contains a high level of violence and gore, it will most likely be rated "M" for mature, or over 17. It's really up to the parents to decide if they children should be playing certain video games. If the child is smart enough to understand he or she is playing in a fantasy world, then it should be fine.

  • The kids that blame it are just saying that to get out of trouble

    First do some studying on this subject before saying it does their kids for goodness sake! They are finding somthing to blame so they dont get in trouble and how rare is this sort of thing, very very very very VERY rare! The chance of it happening is so low its not even a number its a percent

  • No They do not

    Just because video games have violence in them does not mean they cause bad behavior and I play a lot violent video games all the time and I am fine physically and mentally and also, lots of shows and movies have violence but they don't get any shade at all.

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