• I think so

    Violent Video games put you in a simulation of violence which you later carry into reality. An example of this is in the Boston shooting. If you play tons of these games, you will start to act like how you play in the game and killing someone won't seem like such a big deal if you do it all the time on the screen.

  • Nah Scientists Have Proven It

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  • No, no and finally, no.

    Children are not the problem, video game developers are not the problem, guns are not the problems, gun manufacturers are not the problem... Parents, video game dealers and the U.S. society are the problem. ESRB, Pegi and many more video game maturity rating companies clearly list the appropriate audience of the video games yet parents are too fucking stupid and lazy to look at the ratings first. Do we now know who to blame?

  • Violence existed before video games.

    I know it may come as a surprise to many people these days, but violence existed before video games (and also before violent behavior's previous scapegoat, television). The simple reason we have more violent behavior in society today is that we have more people on the planet than ever before. If you want to reduce violence, reduce breeding of new humans.

  • There is no evidence to support it.

    I'm a huge gamer. Some of my favorite games are Skyrim, Borderlands and Call of Duty. Guess what? THEY'RE ALL SHOOTERS/STABBERS! I haven't been aggressive lately. As a matter of fact, when I feel stressed or angry, I slaughter a virtual town as a werewolf of raid a bandit camp and burn everyone inside. Then I feel calm and happy. To me, they relive stress.

  • Video games is a scape goat.

    I feel that video games is a scape goat for every single bad behavior kids and all people have. I find people who play violent video games have a better peaceful attitude in life in the fact of IT IS JUST A GAME! I mean if you do not like violent video games do not buy them. It is as simple as vote with your wallet. Do not buy violent games and move on. Its like violent movies, if you don't like violent movies don't watch them. There is always choice!

  • They cause no harm

    Games such as Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield and the large amount of violent video games do not cause harm. The only harm coming from these games are from people who were mentally ill. It is after all just a game. I myself play violent video games, they're the vast majority of games out there anymore. Never have I or any of my friends had a problem with a violent video game. There is a find line between video games and reality. Though, I must say. I believe there should be testing on a person before they play a violent video game. A test that proves they know where the line between the gaming world and reality rests.

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