Do violent video games cause kids to be more violent?

  • Isnt it obvious

    As an employee of an Game/Technology store Ive observed the behavior of the kids that come in to buy violent games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Call of Duty, and etc. ; and I've realized that those kids are blankley rude , spoiled and violent. I agree with research and the media , certain violent video games impact many kids behavior today

  • You bet it does.

    First we need to discuss those who can not control physical violence and those having violent impulses. This is the old school-shooter argument: "he was such a sweet kid, I thought he would not hurt a fly until he gunned down 26 people". We all have violent impulses, yet most of use choose to restraint ourselves, sometimes we need a little venting but without hurting anybody else, but a few of us do cross the line and hurt someone. I do not see any substantial difference, just a matter of degree.

    Based upon that premise, I'm strongly convinced kids do become more violent when exposed to violent games. We all have that little dormant seed: we can choose to bury it or nurture it. A kid playing a mad killer in a game dreams he is that killer (it has to be that way, otherwise the game would mean nothing and nobody would play it). That teached him that human life is not worth squat and that the best way to solve a conflict is to blow the other guy's head to smithereens. I'm not saying that the moment he turns off the Playstation he'll punch his mom in the face. But everybody processes the information we get, and what he just got teached him to be a savage. Even if he makes it through high school without blowing anybody's head.

  • Yes because my brother played them

    I had a brother who played violent video games when he was a kid and now he is an adult and he is in jail when he is only 23 because he took the violence in video games and he used them in his life and now he is in jail for murder

  • Depends on the kid.

    If the kid knows what the difference is between reality and gaming, they would have a lower chance of getting violent. Those kids know what they're doing and have a limit made in their heads. But on the other side, kids play and swear to older players, do not know what they're doing and sometimes think:"Why not do this in real life?" thats a huge difference. I, am myself a kid and my friend once tried to get me playing counter-strike, i asked permission and my dad said a straight no and im glad he said that because i am not the strong-minded person i was talking about. But why would you play a game with a straight 18+ sign on it? It is obviously for a reason to be there.

  • In some cases maybe

    I blame the parents for not being strict enough to monitor what in the heck their kids are playing in the first place. Hello! They only put a gigantic rating on the back of the game so you can see for yourself if its too violent for your kids. Most games today are not for children , yes including COD.

  • No It doesn't make kids / tennagers violent

    The study consists of 194 children from the Netherlands (one of the highest per-capita game consuming countries apparently.) Children and their parents were surveyed for their overall gaming habits, exposure to ‘violent’ games, as well as various mental health related outcomes including aggressiveness. Children were about age 9 at the time of the first assessment, with the longitudinal follow-up coming a year later.

    Results indicated that exposure to ‘violent’ video games at age 9 was not predictive of aggression or reduced prosocial behaviors one year later. Overall gaming, likewise, was unrelated to most mental health issues including attention problems or reduced social functioning, or total mental health difficulties. However, gaming was slightly related to increased mood symptoms like depression and anxiety, although the relationship was a small one.

    So, overall the news is good. The relationship between overall gaming and mood issues isn’t necessarily causal (depressed kids may stay home and play video games all day.) But it does suggest that when kids are overdoing it...Playing excessively even compared to other kids...It may be time for parents just to check in and make sure everything is ok. This doesn’t mean that every preoccupied young gamer is a basket case (again, the correlation was small) but no harm in having a conversation.

    The study isn’t perfect...Like most studies, the term ‘violent’ video game is used rather bluntly, and I would have liked to see more ‘control’ variables (age, sex and parent education were controlled in the analyses). But the study benefits from using standardized outcome measures which reduce experimenters’ abilities to fiddle with the results to get results they want (a common problem in psychological research, much of which, in fairness, experiments do unconsciously rather than consciously.) More such studies that have the ability to reduce what are called ‘researcher expectancy effects’ would be welcome.

    I keep putting ‘violent’ in annoying air-quotes because, though the term is in common usage, it doesn’t really have much conceptual value. Indeed, its value seems to be mainly emotional...Convincing the audience to loathe the games before data is even presented. After all, we don’t really talk about ‘violent books’ because what would that term even mean? Would we include the Bible and Hindu Ramayana with Stephen King, with Shakespeare, with comic books, with Harry Potter, with Grimms’ Fairy Tales, with just about any book on history, with the Red Badge of Courage, etc., and assume these are all conceptually the same because they happen to include violence? That’s nonsense. Yet we do this with video games (and I’ve been guilty of it as well, in fairness.) Using the term ‘violent video game’ whips up audiences unfamiliar with games, but has little scientific conceptual value (though that doesn’t stop scholars from using the term.) ‘Violent’ video game is such a broad term it includes almost all games, from Pac Man, through Oregon Trail, right up to Grand Theft Auto 5 and beyond.

  • Video games do not cause violence

    People who say that video games cause violence in their children, you need to stop neglecting them because kids only want attention so when they play games then go back to school they take out their anger of being alone on others at school so games are the only thing that kids can go to. So parents spend some TIME with your kids.

  • People play violent video games mostly to cope with stress or tough times.

    I personaly play video games all of the time simply to cope with my life.
    For example: my dad is a severe alcoholic and he even promised me, my mom, and my sister, that he would stop drinking but he repeatedly breaks that promise, when i am mad at him or upset, I just get on my tablet and play minecraft, halo, or Hobo Killer 5, but i am not a violent person at all, i am simply just coping with my struggles.

  • Violent video games just help people copoe with tough times in their life.

    Several thousand people play violent video games to"blow off steam" to cope with tough times like anger, sadness, and even just for fun, even though people may play violent video games almost every day, that doesn't make them criminals. Only about one hundred criminal play violent video games, but there are about a million more who don't.

  • It depens on the player and the reason of playing

    Some people play for fun, while some as a stress relief. For the fun part, either the person is being wowed by what is happening, or there's a deep desire to engage in the acts, which I think is unlikely. For the stress relief part, I would compare it to letting your anger out on a pillow.

  • I don't think video game are the main cause

    It'snot only the video game fault.If you think video game are the main cause then it mean you are dump. You better open you eye and see the reality. There are many reason that can cause kids or even adults to be a violent person.Mainly comes from parent. The parent don't teach their children what's right or wrong so when the kid grow up they become aggressive and violent. Also there are many parent that abuse their own child and violent inside the family. Other factors such as mental illness,depression and personal problems can also cause violent. Video game are only small factors that can cause violent. If video game really teach people to be a violent person then why crime rate has drop so dramatically since video game industry? Many scientist and data crime claim that there is no link between video game and real word violent. But you just need to careful. I agree it can cause danger. However it depend on the people behavior when the expose to media. If we solve problem such as mentall illness,depression and parental abusement then video game is not dangerous anymore.

  • I don't think violent video games can cause one to be violent

    Playing violent games provides a healthy and safe outlet for children to explore rules and consequences of violent actions.

    It truly depends on the person becaus one can see the game as something fun but another could view it as a way to get ideas for violence. But this does not neccessarily cause a child to be violent.

    I myself play violent video games but I never actually connect the games I play to the real world.

  • Only affects a few

    I have been playing violent and semiviolent video games for years. I have not shown being some overly violent person though maybe a little bit of evil genius. It may affect a select few which may already have mental problems or violence issues. It also doesn't really affect the majority of people.

  • I play them and I haven't killed anybody.

    I'm a younger person who plays M rated games intended for 18 year olds. I've been playing games like this since I was 10 and it hasn't increased any violent behavior in me. Yes it desensitizes children to violence but that does not mean they believe it is the okay thing to do. I've read articles about games disrespecting women and how it will result in boys abusing and being mean to girls. I personally have a very happy and successful relationship with my girlfriend and never have I mistreated her in anyway accept for maybe small teasing about what bands she thinks have hot members. Furthermore, people do stupid things and they happen to also play violent video games. What about other forms of media such as crime shows which demonstrate what problems police int he field face, possibly providing insight on how to avoid police. Video games are also good ways of relieving stress. If I'm upset I can join an online game of Call Of Duty and, yes, kill other players. It relieves stress and gives a feeling of satisfaction when my team wins. As I stated, I don't act anymore violent then children who don't play video games possibly even less given that I can use the games as an out lit. I also know many people who wouldn't even be able to accidentally harm someone without feeling completely guilty and I play some of these violent games with them. The fact id the games are fun and that there isn't really any evidence to prove a direct link between children and video games making the more violent.

  • Quite the opposite.

    When I was a kid, I was bullied a lot. I mean, a lot. Naturally, for most people, this probably would have ended up in violence at some point. However, I usually was able to contain myself until I got home and played games like Mortal Kombat or Doom. I got out all of those violent desires when I played those games, and, when I was finished, I felt more relaxed and at ease.

    I am now a grown adult, and I hate violence. But do I still play shooters or fighting games? Of course I do, just like I did when I was a kid. I didn't go around and start fights when I was a kid, and I don't do it now. Correlation is NOT Causation.

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