Do violent video games contribute to kids' learning?

Asked by: max31400
  • Yes and No

    Why only violent video games? I think any video game can contribute to learning. Video games can actually help with hand eye coordination. Some video games like Minecraft and Disney Infinity can improve children's creativity. Violent games like Assassins Creed have some history in it. Minecraft may not seem violent but with a lot of mods you can turn Minecraft into a violent game on PC.

  • Yes they do

    Every form of media has something that can be learned. You think children learned all they know from school? We would have some dumb kids if they didn't have media. I'm going to use these last words as filler as this word limit is annoying. Five more words left now.

  • Yes they do

    Video games should not be discriminated due to their labels and content. All video games provide you with knowledge of history, revolutions, guns, and life skills. Playing assassins creed 3 helped understand the history of italy and help me past my 8th grade history test. Video games are kind of like a book and people need to learn to embrace the new technology.

  • Well sure why not.

    Really if you think about it violent video games are really shooting games. Shooting games increase kid's reaction time in dangerous situations. Also with all the decisions that have to be made quickly in all the different games it improves the way a kid makes a decision in a tight spot.

  • No this does not effect their learning

    I don't think violent video games effect their learning. I also don't even think violent games are the least bit inappropriate. Sure, they are violent but news flash! There is violence in the real world too, it's not like the game creators create the violence. I have many violent video games and yes, they're addictive and probably one of the best things ever invented. But when I came home from school I went right to my xbox and turned on my game. I gave myself a set time on when I had to stop so I can fit my homework in and study. I play violent video games everyday and I am a straight A student.

  • White is black, and black is white today...

    Kids are little people gaining knowledge for their future life. If the parents of the child buy him/her an Assassin's Creed game, for example, what kind of knowledge will he or her learn fom it? Sticking to the AC example, the assassins are considered heroes, and even more: When peopole are killed no sign of remorse is shown. Only panic from others. This would completelly compromise the child's sense os right and wrong, black and white! Sure, "it´s just a videogame", but what does that videogame preeches?
    Really...? You prefer your child killing others rather than reading, or doing his homework? Deciosions in a thight spot?? Just teach you cjild how to play chess!!
    These video-games can, and will, corrupt the mental state of these kids little brains.
    Like they say... "You made the accusation, so the burden of proof is yours.". Everything I said so far is aprooved by psycologists, and quite honestly I failed to see any convincing arguments that atrent circumstancial from the "Yes" team.
    Do we really want cuhildren on learning from their roots on how to kill their next one?

    -Peter, 14 years old.

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